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I have "The Exception" hair type and have been relaxing it since I was 13 years old. Last year I decided enough was enough and began transitioning from relaxed to natural. I had been using gel and water to tame my frizzy waves. I used the curly frizz pudding last week and couldn't believe just how smooth my waves were! No more sicky, flaky hair gel or flat irons for me. This product really works and I love how tame my hair is.

- Euleashia


- llgtqwto

I just want to say I have never written a testimonial before but I had to write one for the first time today. I use to always straighten my naturally curly hair because I thought it was unmanageable in its natural state (basically a poofy, frizzy, tangled fro). I loved my hair straight but after years of flat iron damage, my hair started to became noticeably thin. I finally decided to cut it all off and start from scratch (drastic I know). For the last almost two years I’ve been trying to figure out how to take care of my hair, working with it not against it, and finding products it loves. Over the last months I’ve come across the Blended Beauty line. I try not to jump on every bandwagon that goes by but your product ingredients intrigued me the most. Not only were they almost all natural, but there were several key things in them my hair likes. Today I used the first of your products I ordered, the soy cream cleanser, curl quenching conditioner, curl styling butter and kicks for curls. All I have to say is Wow. Today I fell in love truly with my hair. I don’t have to settle for softness but frizz, clumped curls but stiff hair, shine but sticky. For the first time my hair is soft, well moisturized, clumped, shiny, touchable, and detangled!! I honestly feel as though someone has replaced my hair with a totally new texture!

Thank you so much, I can’t say it again for taking the time to truly develop such a quality product for curly hair. Again the best way to describe how I feel today is that I truly fell in love with my hair today. I’m honestly looking forward to wearing it curly (and not just to those few days a year I allow myself to flatiron it!!)

- Gabrielle

I have had sisterlocks for 8 years. I am combing out my locks and plan to wear my hair natural. After using the Blended Beauty Products I feel like I have a whole new head of hair. I use the Silkshake, Curl Styling Butter and Jelly Cream. I'm also using the products on my 11 year old's long, very curly, very tangly hair--it's made a world of difference. I wish I had known about these products years ago. I recommended them to my sister and she feels the same way.

- Toni Scott

I purchased your products at a friend’s suggestion. I must admit I was skeptical. I have three bi-racial daughters and they each have different hair types. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in salon products, trying to find the right combination of hair products for each child but nothing ever worked. I was pleasantly surprised when I used your Blended Cutie Tug Me Not conditioner, Curly Cake Shake, and Down & Out on my youngest daughter’s long, typically unmanageable “Exception” hair. The products smelled great and for the first time in six years I was able to comb through her hair without her (and me!) crying and screaming. She was able to wear her hair out and although she was scared her friends would tease her for having big hair (as some have in the past), all she received were compliments. Her hair was extremely soft and moisturized, something I’d never been able to achieve before despite daily moisturizing. Her curls were defined and beautiful. Now, she can’t wait to be the first one to get her hair done in the morning.

Your products are pricey, but worth every penny since it saves me time doing my girls’ hair and the results are fantastic. My only complaint is the pump on the Blended Cutie Curly Cake Shake does not work very well. It is awkward to handle, is difficult to push, and the pump clogs and stops misting the product. I wind up having to take the lid off and pouring the product in my hands. I love the idea of using the mist (much faster and less messy) but could you please work on a better spray bottle? The quality and expense of the product demand a better sprayer.

Thank you sooooo much!!!

- Angela

I absolutely love the Soy Cream Shampoo. It left my hair soft, shiny and tangle free. I didn't know what to expect going in, but I am beyond pleased. I am also extremely happy by how quickly I received my order. Great job BB, keep up the amazing work!

- Christian Harvey

Thank you so much for providing a product that is perfect for my daughter's hair. Since using Blended beauty she now has the most perfect spiral curls and they stay soft and manageable. I am just so glad that I managed to find it while she was young! We are having another baby and he is going to be using it as well. I just hope that you ship to Africa because that is where we live!
If I see any kids that can benefit from this product I tell their mothers and they are always so grateful. Thank you so much Blended Beauty.

- Dawn

I went natural about seven weeks ago, and I have literally tried a different product and/or combination of products every day since then in search of something that would define my curls, but not leave them feeling crunchy. I discovered Blended Beauty products online last week, and I immediately ordered a sample package (BB4)! I received my package more quickly than expected, and I absolutely love the products! I just ordered larger sizes of everything in my package...I'm waiting for the Soy shampoo to be restocked so that I can purchase that, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a natural products that works well on my hair - finally! :o)

- Bridget

i want to try it soooo bad!

- Marquisha

Looking forward to trying this product.

- Ava L