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I am a new customer to your products and all I can say is WOW! The Nappy Happy Styles is amazing. The Curly Frizz Pudding is exactly what it name states it is. Finally products that live up to their names and do not cost and arm and a leg. Thank you for delivering great products at a low price point to curly, natural hair sisters. I look forward to trying other products in the line.

- Cynthia

Thank you sooo much for these great hair products! I use the styling lotion, butter me up, cleansing lotion, volcanic mud cleanser and the jelly cream and they are awesome! I now live in the middle east region and the heat and hard water ruined my hair but it is now becoming healthy again due to using your products.

Although the shipping prices are high due to where I am it is sooo worth it and I thank you sooo much for starting this company designed especially for my biracial hair. I wish you much success!

- ilka

Oh My Goodness!!! I bought the Blended Beauty Curly Cake Shake and Butter Me Up for my son's hair. I love love love it!!! He has bad eczema so I have to be cautious what I put on his scalp/hair. I have tried everything, I have searched high and low. Then I came across your website and I was impressed by the fact that the products are natural and all the pictures of happy customers. I was still a bit skeptical but I figured I would give it a try.

His hair was transformed! His curls are shiny and his scalp is flake free! As a bonus, it smells yummy. Thank You Blended Beauty!!!!

- Cathy

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your quality products. I was a total product junkie-oevr many years, I've spent thousands on expensive product claiming to be that magical, de-frizzing, curl defining, moisturizing elixir. I started using Blended Beauty a month ago, and I love it.The Cleansing Conditioner and Curl Quenching Conditioner together do exactly what I want for my hair-thanks to the quality ingredients that aren't watered down like so many others. I use the Silk Shake to detangle, and the Styling Butter Creme for more moisture. My corkscrew curls have never been healthier or sexier, thanks so much! I'll never buy anything else-you have a customer for life!

- AJ

Just tried the BC4 sampler for my 1-yr-old's hair. It's so hard to find products that are safe for babies and actually work. So far have tried Curly Cake Shake and Butter Me Up, and they work wonderfully. It's nice that all products have the same scent. Just wish that there was a little less fragrance, especially in the Curly Cake Shake. I'm sensitive to scents and it is so hard to find things that are not overbearing. Your products come closest, but maybe you could cut back just a little on the amount?

- Susan

Hello Blended Beauty,

I’m an African American woman who began my natural hair journey two years ago. A few months ago I finally mustered enough courage to snip off my relaxed ends and unleash my natural halo! I discovered hundreds of little ringlets that look wonderful when wet… but as they dried they begin to loose definition and become puffy and frizzed. Feeling defeated I begin flatiorning my hair and even considered re-relaxing. Finding your websites has given me a newfound sense of hope! I’m delighted to know that someone cares about the struggle women with non-straight hair face. I also take comfort in knowing that other people face similar hair obstacles.

Thanks so much Blended Beauty, your products and website are helping to trail blaze the non-straight hair revolution! Move over straight heads, the CURLIES are takin ova!!! LOL

-Jamedra Brown

- Jamedra Brown

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making these wonderful products that actually work on my bi-racial curly hair that I also love to wear straight and not have dry frizzy hair anymore...

- Vanessa

I just wanted to say that I used the products I ordered this morning (cleansing conditioner and leave in conditioner) and I am AMAZED at the dramatic difference in my hair after one use. I have very cury and I would say damaged dry hair from color and trying to use a relazer to tame my curls, I will continue to use this product. Thanks!

- Wanda

A million thanks for these AWESOME products. My daughter's hair was so dry and frizzy. Your products keep her hair looking amazing even through the extremely high humidity we have year round in Louisiana!!!!!

- Alana

After years of wearing weaves and braids, I decided to finally go "naturally curly". Your products came highly recommended, I ordered a sampler and fell HARD in love with BB!!
The Kick for Curls (which I wish came in a larger size) the curly frizz and the Happy Nappy are my mainstays!! I now wish I hadn't waited so long to go natural now that your products make it a true joy to wear my hair this way!!

- April