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This product is fabulous! I've tried many products on my 2 year old & the blended beauty products work like no other. Everyone should know about it! Thanks!

- Jodee

I live in Egypt but I still buy your products faithfully because they really work. I have been using your products for a while but my hair was so damaged after moving here (the hard water and dry, hot air ruined my mane) that it tooks months to train it but now it looks much healthier. Having healthy and easy to manage hair once again has made me a much happier person. So, thank you Stacey!

- Ilka

hi,just started using your products on my 17 month old daughter. i love your products they are more tears!!!.

- marie-michele

i'd like to thank my cousin for introducing me to your products when she visited me march of this year, and blended beauty for creating such wonderful products. its funny because i've had 19 years of abuse and its only had 5 months of good treatment. My hair type is a mixture of BB3 - BB5 and i really love the styling lotin and cream. The results in this short period have been phenomenal, i'm definately a customer for life.
Here in the UK

- mai

Thank you - thank you - thank you!! My 7 year old daughter was blessed with my thick, curly, mass of hair. Each morning started out with the pain of having to try to get the mats out of her hair. We tried all the detanglers, all the brands that the professionals recommended. Nothing worked.
Your products arrived last night. One treatment and the difference was phenomenal. You have enhanced my life, my relationship with my daughter. Customer for life and I'll be contacting you to become a distributor!

- Kelli-Jo Bugden

The Curl Conditioning Cleanser is a great product -- cleansing and conditioning in one cycle and no sulfates or even non-sulfates. I don't use silicones/mineral oils on my hair but do need more than a rinse with my regular conditioner sometimes to feel clean. This product does it and my hair feels so nourished. And, I can detangle very easily, with my fingers sometimes.

- Karen

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your line of products (Happy Nappy Styles, Curl Quenching Conditioner, Styling Lotion, Soy Cream Shampoo, Curly Frizzy Pudding, and your Kick for Curls) and I am well pleased with them. My hair was exceptionally soft. My hair has never been so soft in my life and it was super shiny! As a side note...I love the SMELL of your products! Please don't ever change it. It smells like sweet buttery cake batter!! Awesome!

- Felicia

I found your products during an internet search hoping to find something for my bi-racial afro-curly hair, which after turning gray became VERY dry and frizzy. I''ve spent a lot of money on expensive name brand products which only made my hair worse. I purchased samples of your shampoo, conditioner & hair treatments and within just one week, I've noticed a SIGNIFICANT and beautiful change in my hair. It's shiny, soft and moisturized, and my natural curls are coming back. Thank you for such wonderful products, consider me a customer of Blended Beauty!!

- Maria

WOW! What fast shipping :) Oh my, your products smell SO good and work wonders on my hair. It is so soft and smooth :B My five year old niece said it smells like almond cookies. I love that there aren't all these varying scents for each product - that I don't end up loading all these smells on my hair. It is much more calm now. Thanks BB!

- Christina

Just found this site and I must say , "I AM GLAD."

- kamberly