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(from previous guestbook Friday, 7/8/05, 8:09 PM)
I have multiethnic 3b hair. My background is mixed with Mexican, African American/Creole, and Caucasian. I am now wearing my hair in its curly state and loving it!

- Sybil White

(from previous guestbook Thursday, 9/15/05, 1:31 PM)
Just got my products finally!! I LOVE the kick for curls spray. It work well on my 9 month old who gets bed head really bad. He is white/black. Thanks for your great products! Shelly

- Shelly

(from previous guestbook Sunday, 11/27/05, 6:33 PM)
I'm thrilled that there's a place to write comments. I've just received you're products and couldn't be happier with the results. My cabinets are virtual graveyards for hair products but I think that all I need now are yours. My hair type doesn't really fall into the categories for curly hair on your site or other sites. My hair is fairly coarse, the curls aren't that tight (probably only 1 bend/inch but I have enough hair for about three people LOL (I'm of Mediterranean descent.) Products for curly fine hair don't do much and dry my hair out while products for kinkier hair are too greasy. Yours are perfect. My hair is soft, shiny and bouncy and the true test will be when I visit a more humid climate. I've already sent out emails to my friends who are multiracial with curls and waves, and to those who are parents of multiracial kids to try your products. I also plan on telling some of my students parents about this line as well. Thank for taking the time to develop such a wonderful product...and I'm gonna tell anyone who will to me all about them!!! :) Efia

- Efia

(from previous guestbook Tuesday, 12/6/05, 6:12 PM)
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this stuff!!!!!!!!!! My girls are both biracial and I have had a terrible time tamming their tresses until I discovered Blended Beauty. I have shared the info with all my friends who have also adopted biracial children and we are hooked. I placed a bulk order tonight and I am anxious to hear back about becoming an "official" consultant. Thanks for such a fantastic product! Our favorites are the Butter and Styling Lotion. My girls think it is hysterical that they have "butter" in their hair- cute name. We love it all. Stacy and the girls

- Stacy

(from previous guestbook Sunday, 12/11/05, 10:08 AM)
I just want to let everyone know how wonderful Blended Beauty products are. My daughter is six years old and she is a "blended beauty" I am african american and her father is Mexican. And for the first couple of years her hair was absolutly beautiful. It was curly and had a easy to manage texture. But then her curls became tighter and harder to manage and her hair was extra dry. I tried every oil and detangeler on the market..well that's what it seemed like until about three weeks ago i found a website that sold blended beauty products. The day i recived them in the mail we used them and instantly i seen a difference. Her hair is definatly more manageable and her curls look beautiful. Thanks soooo much. NO I CAN STOP SAYING SHE HAS BIRACIAL FRIZZ! AND I CAN SAY SHE HAS A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIR!!! She also has noticed the change in her hair and she loves it. Thanks that means so much to me.

- Tierra Sos

(from previous guestbook Friday, 1/6/06, 5:25 PM)
Stacey, My daughter is biracial and I've tried many hair care products to keep her hair moisturized and the curls tight, but your products are the only ones that make her hair even more beautiful, manageable, and smell great. I especially like your curl quenching conditioner and aloe juice detangler (kick for curls)I use them too. I love that you use natural ingredients and I will continue to buy your products for years to come. Samantha Brooklyn, NY

- Samantha

(from previous guestbook Tuesday, 4/17/07, 11:12 AM)

There are no words to express my joy with Blended Beauty. I am 7 months into transitioning to the natural side and this product has made my life so much easier. I purchased samples of the Soy Shampoo, Cleansing & Quenching Conditioner, Happy Nappy, Butter me up (for my 1 year old son), & Styling Butter. I washed my hair & it felt so soft and easy to detangle with the Cleansing Conditioner applied. The Butter Me Up smells excellent on my sons hair, great shine, and does not leave it greasy. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

- Jackie

I have finally found the perfect hair solution "Butter Me Up"! It works great on my 2 year old daughter. I have bought and tried everything. Thank you blended beauty. I plan to try the Pudding next. Fabulous product!!

- Tamara

I just wanted to say that my hair turned out so beautifully today after using the styling lotion and frizz pudding! These products are amazing! Thank-you for your great work!

- LaToya


- christal Chacon