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(from previous guestbook Tuesday, 2/13/07, 11:44 AM)

WOW! I'm so in love with Blended Beauty right now its not funny! You are so right, i saw result with the first use. My hair loookkeeddd soooo pretty! I have BB3 hair, but i decided to give the Happy Nappy Styles A try because i like to use the products that are heavy. The first thing is, it wasn't heavy in the least, and I'd never seen my hair look like that before, and i have tried sooo many different things! Gosh, it was shiny, it was easy to comb out, and wasn't poofy, it wasn't overwhelmingly sweet, it was sooo nice.... i'm soo impressed!! Great product!! Keep it up!

- Charlene

(from previous guestbook Friday, 2/16/07, 9:02 PM)

Just received my order of Curl quenching condtioner and kick for curls..I have used every product I could find for my 4 yr old daughter with no luck..I even tried curlz and was hugely disappointed..took a leap of faith and purchased your products and after just ONE use I could tell an immediate difference..just placed another order tonight and can't wait to receive them..will be sending more business your way!!! for anyone THINKING about buying....IT'S SO WORTH THE MONEY!!!

- Laura

(from previous guestbook Thursday, 2/22/07, 2:29 PM)

I am head over heels in love with the products I have added to my hair care collection. I decided almost one month ago to wear my natural hair and had a hard time trying to find the right products for my new curls. Blended Beauty was the answer! My hair has never looked better. It's soft and shiny and smells yummy! I'm so grateful to have found your products! Thanks so much!

- Leigh

(from previous guestbook Monday, 2/26/07, 4:05 PM)

Hi i`m from a multi-racial background-African American,Carib,Scottish,and East Indian.My hair type is a BB3 pic on the right,BB4 both pics,and BB5 Afro curls.I love how the products curl styling butter and kick for curls shows my curls instanly,I just became fully natural so my hair looks like the girl`s hair on the BB4 pic on the right,i can`t wait to see my hair improve even more as it gets longer,i`m sticking to natural hair products.

- Sharri H

(from previous guestbook Tuesday, 2/27/07, 4:43 AM)

I just started wearing my hair naturally curly about 8 months ago. All I can say is that it has been an expensive and frustrating struggle! Until now! I am so pleased and thankful to have found Blended beauty! I can't beleive that 26 years had to go by before I learned to embrace my natural curls! The products I use and love are kick for curls, styling cream, curly frizz pudding, cleansing conditioner and herbal reconditioner. Thank you blended beauty for helping me love my curls!

- latoya

(from previous guestbook Monday, 3/5/07, 10:38 PM)

I researched this product for 2 weeks and I am soooo in love!! There is nothing in this world that makes my hair look this good. My husband loves my natural look, he is always touching my hair. I will most certainly be buying more products, and recommending them. Thanks Blended Beauty Oh I will be sending you some pictures of my new texture :)

- Monique Jacobs

(from previous guestbook Tuesday, 3/6/07, 9:13 AM)

I just got some samples of the Soy Cream Shampoo,the Curl Quenching Conditioner,after the very first use, my hair felt like silk!!!!!!!And the second time and the third time! I Loved the Styling Lotion for my BB3 hair type, it really defined my curl and no poof! The Kick for Curls is brilliant! I just woke up the next morning and sprayed some in and was good to go! This is heaven lol. I'm so grateful to have found such lovely products, and to know that they are also healthy for my hair and me? That's even better! Ohh...and I don't even leave home without the Butter Me Up! Thanks BB!

- Charlene

(from previous guestbook Monday, 3/19/07, 9:08 AM)

I received my order for the Silky Swirls Shampoo, Tug Me Not Conditioner, and Down and Out Light. I used it right about on my 14mo. old daughter. I have tried so many products to control the frizz in her hair. I am overjoyed with the results of the products. They lengthened her curls so that they stretch out in spirals and it just looks healthy. I also like that the fragrance is light and doesn't linger or leave any greasy residue or smell. Her hair type is BB3, and I am so thankful for the hair type chart also. It helped me order the right products for her. I think these products are absolutely worth the price. I only needed to use a small amount of all the products. I am definately making room in my budget to keep these products in our home.

- Erika

(from previous guestbook Friday, 3/23/07, 8:14 AM)

Hello! I have received your products and could'nt wait to try them. They are just wonderful!! I have been waiting for those products for ever. I have very thick and curly hair and wow, just cant beleive what a difference my curls looks like. They leave my hair, soft, makes my curl beautiful. I will never stop using them! Thank you so much...

- Lyne

(from previous guestbook Friday, 3/30/07, 6:40 AM)

Hi i just got the volcano mask and happy nappy styles last week ,the volcano mask is wonderful i add 2 spoons at a time mix with warm water,make it creamy, untill i got 6 spoons, that`s all i needed for my hair i was suprised that it didn`t take more to fill my hair:) the volcano mask left my hair more curly,and it left my scalp feeling ''born agian'' i never had this wonderful feeling before it felt as if i washed my hair for the first time!!!. Happy nappy styles is great too,all i needed to do was spray some water in my hair everyday than add it ,than i seal it with oil(the curls formed even without the oil i did it to keep moisture in for the rest of that day),my sister notice when i first got the products that my hair was getting curlyer each day and she was asking me what i did to my hair to get it that way,the thing is my hair is getting healthy each time when i use these products and not the products that contain bad ingrediants in the stores,i`m so happy,i`m very confindent that my hair can be long to my b*** :)

- Sharri H