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(from previous guestbook , 9/16/06, 2:06 AM)

I love blended beauty!!! For years I have been fighting with my kinky hair and I finally found a product that my hair loves --I have gotten soooo many compliments on how beautiful my hair is!!!

- Gina

(from previous guestbook Monday, 10/16/06, 5:26 PM)

I love your products there great!!4a-4b hair

- Gary

(from previous guestbook Tuesday, 10/24/06, 12:02 PM)

I really love your cleansing conditioner. It really cleans and mosturizes my hair. I'm in the process of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair so this helps out alot. I'm am so happy you created these products! Take Care, Erika

- Erika

(from previous guestbook Monday, 11/6/06, 10:12 PM)

Hi Stacey, My hair looks so healthy since using your products (kicks for curls and styling butter) and the cleansing conditioner works great on my toddlers hair. Thanks so much for making these products:).

- Ilka

(from previous guestbook Wednesday, 11/15/06, 4:54 AM)

Your products are AWESOME!! Thank you so much! It has always been a struggle trying to find products for my daughters hair. Blended Beauty is EXACTLY what I was searching for!

- Yvette

(from previous guestbook Friday, 11/17/06, 11:30 PM)

I am an Army Captain that is currently serving in Iraq. Hair maintenance is a HUGE issue over here for women of color¿especially for women who are multi-racial. I have tried many products in the past, but I must say that Blended Beauty is the best hair care line that I have ever tried. Not only does it look and feel great, it also smells fantastic! I use to always fret about my hair. You know how it is¿this product is too greasy¿this product dries my hair out¿etc, etc. I use to just mix the black products with the white products to get the results I wanted. That became very tedious. This is my second tour in Iraq. During my first deployment over here, I killed my hair by using gels and hair products that did nothing but contribute to the demise of my hair. It even started to fall out (no kidding). By the time I returned home, my hair was so damaged that I had to cut my hair to my shoulders (it use to be to the middle of my back). Now it¿s finally starting to grow back out with the help of Blended Beauty. Blended Beauty is so beneficial for military women like me. We need these products to protect our hair from the harsh desert heat. I bought the following products: the Soy Cream Shampoo, the Cleansing Conditioner, the Curly Frizz Pudding and the Kick For Curls Conditioning Spray. Once again, Blended Beauty is a fantastic product that I will continue to use on a regular basis. It¿s the best!

- Joy

(from previous guestbook Sunday, 11/19/06, 4:39 AM)

I absolutely love this product.. my hair has never looked so healthy. Thank You --I am looking forward in trying all your products.

- gina marchetti

(from previous Guestbook Saturday, 12/9/06, 7:31 PM)

Hello, it has been well over an year since I have been using Blended Beauty products, and I have to say that my hair have grown so much, have gotten better in health and is just beautiful. I am so thankful for Stacey coming out with her products and thankful for finding the website when I did. All my friends and family tells me all the time how good my hair looks and when I get it braided they tell me how good it smell. Again thank you Stacey and keep up the good work, please do not ever change anything about your products. If change have to come, let it be for the better, for I uses nothing else in my hair but your products and I do not want anything else to go in my hair. Keep it up and again thanks.

- Novelatte Dismel-Greaves

(from previous guestbook Tuesday, 12/12/06, 12:31 PM)

Hello blended beauty. Both me and my boyfriend our mixed-race and are very much enjoying the products, you have helped us out very much. thanks!

- Asha

(from previous guestbook Monday, 2/5/07, 12:29 PM)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Stacie!!! I bought the Soy Cream Shampoo, Curl Quenching Conditioner, Light Styling Lotion, Curl Frizz Pudding, and the Kick for Curls. As soon as I got them, I rush inside to take a shower, being that that's the only time I wash my hair nad comb it out while it is full of conditioner. I shampooed, conditioned and used the styling lotion and frizz pudding. I then put my hair loosely in a hair tie on top of my head for bedtime. When I got up this morning I used the kick for curls and a little of the lotion and pudding, and oh my God!! These products are amazing!! It usually takes a 2nd application of any product I use after shampooing because the initial application it completely sucked up by my hair. I was expecting for my hair to puff when it dried, but it actually became more beautiful. My curls were so alive! The products even made parts of my hair cul that are normally not. I am what you would call a product junkie and i've tried everything. Usually to tame my frizzies, my hair has to be crunchy or if the product moisturizes, them my hair is frizzy. Your products tamed my frizzies COMPLETELY, but it is so soft and moist. I LOVE IT!! Thank you again so much. You have a customer for life!

- LaKesha Wilson