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Dear Blended Beauty,
I just wanted to write to tell you how amazing your products are. I am half asian, and half caucasian, and my curls are super slick and loose. I have never been able to take to frizz and poof out of them, and get them to separate like your products do! Even after the FIRST WASH with silky swirls, I could see the difference! I also have two sons who are half me, half african american, and the silky swirls immediately tamed their manes. I also am using the soft swirls and curls cream, and both of those combined are doing wonders. Thank you so much for an amazing natural product that works! I will definitely be buying more in the future.

- Kimi

(from previous guestbook Wednesday, 4/5/06, 8:18 AM)
I just want to say that I have just recently started using your products and they are phenomonal! The products smell so good and they leave your hair feeling so soft and gives it a nice sheen. These are the first natural haircare products that I have ever used and I am very impressed with my results. I am not biracial, I am American of African descent, but my children are a mix of Puerto Rican and American of African descent. My youngest son looks like he has a 3B.1 and my oldest a mixture of 3B.9 and 3C. Mine is a mix of 3C and 4A. I really want to thank you for your products, alot of us think that our hair is bad hair and think that it is unmanagable if it is not relaxed or straightened. Although there is nothing wrong with straight hair, there is nothing wrong with our hair in its natural state either. We just need the resources and products to manage our hair just like all hair types. Thank you for providing that.

- Shepell Jaca

(from previous guestbook Friday, 4/28/06, 6:25 PM)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Ms. Stacey! Your products were a true life saver for my daughter's hair. The humidity here on the island has really taken a toll on her locks. Since using the spa treatments, shampoos, conditioners, pudding and butter, she can go to school and come home with CURLS, not frizz! Her 3B.9 curls are as beautiful as I've ever seen them, but now they stay that way all day. Thanks again for working with me on shipping and being so helpful. Your care and energy have definitely gone into making a great line of products!

- Beth

(from previous guestbook Sunday, 5/14/06, 9:11 AM)

I tried samples of your products from Sistasplace and I love them. I've gotten a ton of compliments on my 3b.8 hair since using them, so of course I must order the full sizes, and they work great on my son's hair which is somewhere between 3b.9 and 4a. And I especially the natural ingredients in your products. Expect me back soon.

- Lekka

(from previous guestbook Monday, 5/15/06, 5:05 PM)

Hey Stacey! It's been awhile since I've been in contact but I just wanted to say...we are enjoying your products soooo much!!! I have to say that I am amazed at the magical powers of your "Straightening Glaze" is my personal fave, I am hooked and hope that you NEVER stop making it!! My children love the "Soft Curls Cream" ~ I see that you no longer sell that one...what it the replacement for that one? We also love the "Kick for Curls" ~ we use it everyday! The products smell heavenly! Congratulations on your marvellous creations!

- Deneen

(from previous guestbook Friday, 5/19/06, 2:28 PM)

Hi Stacy! Just a note to say Thanks so much for the products. I have gotten quite a bit of compliments on my hair using the Happy Nappy Styles. I am currently growing out a relaxer and if it wasn't for the Happy Nappy, I don't think I could do it. I'll be ordering more products soon. I want to try everything! Thanks again......Jolie

- Jolie

(from previous guestbook Wednesday, 5/31/06, 6:56 PM)

Hi. I have been wearing my hair naturally for almost a year now and have gone through too many products to list. My hair is mostly a 4a with a bit of 3b mixed in. Therefore, finding the right product is necessary, but hard to do. I bought some samples of Blended Beauty from I also talked with someone who used some BB products. I am happy to say that BB works for me! I like all the natural ingedients and the fact that there are no cones!!! I love the smell, the moisture that I get and the fact that none of the products are too heavy. I plan to be a faithful BB customer.

- Azure

(from previous guestbook Friday, 7/7/06, 11:43 AM)

I recently tried your products on my daughters hair. She is 9 mos old and has textured curls. Being that she is biracial (dad is caucasian), I want the best for her hair. My products are too heavy, the other dry her hair out. I am thinking about becoming a consultant for your company. I am happy that I discovered your products for her at an early age. Now, she can be a testimonial from begining to end....

- Rhonda

(from previous guestbook Friday, 7/28/06, 8:20 AM)

I LOVE these products!! I have tight curly hair (spiral curls) much like the 3C photo. I'm not biracial, I just have curly hair. I'm growing all the relaxer out of my hair (finally!). No more relaxers for me and no more junk products on the market to buy. They are all sitting in the closet, and let's not forget the time and money spent on braids and hair salons. I've had enough. Amen! I ordered the light styling lotion (love it) and the Happy Nappy Styles, which is more of a curl definer. If I want looser curls, I use the lotion, and if I want more styling definition, I use the Happy Nappy. I've even blended both in my hand and put through my hair. These products not only are natural and good for your hair, but they smell and feel wonderful. I only wish I knew about them years ago, while I was relaxing the hair out of my head and having breakage issues. I just bought the Soy Cream Shampoo and Curl Quenching Conditioner and can't wait to use them tomorrow! I've used the styling lotion on wet hair and I've then tried it the next day on air dried hair. I couldn't believe that I could still get great soft curls even if my hair was air dried!! I have tried so many products and none of them measure up. Thank you so much for making these great products!! My niece is biracial,so maybe I'll get her a sample pack.

- Lisa H.

(from previous guestbook Monday, 8/28/06, 12:49 PM)

I was looking for hair products for my 8 mos old son. His curly hair is dry and unruly. The regular baby shampoos dry his hair out, and the black hair care products are too oily. I was contemplating cutting his hair off, just like we had to do with our other two sons at that age. But I first decided to look on the internet and found Blended Cutie. I told my husband and he said to order just a few things to see if they would really work. So,I ordered the shampoo, soft curls, and detangler spray. WOW! When I washed his hair I could not believe how soft it felt. I then used the other products. His hair has never looked so good. It feels and looks just like silk, and the curls-look just like curls should! I know the product is GREAT because my husband told me to order the rest of the items that I wantafter he saw him. We are expecting our fourth child in January and you can bet that this baby will also be a Blended Cutie Baby, too! Thank you so much for creating hair care products for children who were otherwise ignored.

- Tracy B.