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Reviews (5) / Natural Hair Oil 8oz

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I have fine hair but it is very curly. I often can not use oils because it weighs my hair down and I look like an old mop or beat up clown BUT this oil is perfect! I loved using it as a hot oil treatment as well as daily moisture when I did wash and goes. I recommend any fine haired sisters to try this.

A great moisturizer

This is one of my favorite products. Everytime I use it it keeps my hair, scalp and curls moist. My curls are more defined and my hair stays moist longer and my hair doesn't dry as much. This product helps my hair stay healthy.

Love it!

I love using the Natural Hair oil whether my hair is wet or dry. It leaves my hair moisturized and soft. The spray bottle is great, too. It allows a direct stream, rather than a spray all over. I would recommend trying it out for yourself.

very good

Smells sweet and feels so nice. Mixes well with the other leave-ins

A nice oil

the sent is very mild but nice too. I like that it is all natural and has no mineral oil.