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Love It!

I've been using the herbal reconditioner for a few weeks. I never found a product like this! I honestly thought I tried it all, and found our staple product. But I was soooo wrong! I use this on my daughters hair, and I let ti sit for 20 mins with a cap. Then I detangle, and her hair LOVES it. Her curls separate like butter, which helps tremendously with detangling! This product was truly worth every penny! Im a new & forever costumer!


I liked this deep conditioner. It defined my curls, but it did not give enough moisture. Since I am transitioning from relax to natural maybe that is why I didn't feel the moisture. However, I would still recommend it product.

good one

what a super rich conditioner. Very moisturizing.


I like that I can see the herbs speckled in the conditioner. I was pleased with this conditioner.