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Reviews (12) / Happy Nappy Styles 8oz

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Will it work

I haven't figured out my hair type but i think happy nappy might help my hair. I have used BB products before but I can't remember if I used Happy nappy. So i am Hoping it will give me that gorgeous natural looking hair Ive been looking for. And also I have to comment about their shipping, extremely fast that's a + for me. Thank you BB ill be back for a sec review after using my Happy Nappy.


I have been transitioning for 1 yr now and Happy Nappy is the bomb for my new growth

Love it!!!

I honestly can't say how much i love this product. The way that it makes my hair feel is awesome!! I'd use it everyday if i could!!! Thanks :-)

i love this product

My daughter have very kinky, dry hair. This is the best product I have used. I usually do her hair in long twists and with this product I am able to comb thru her hair with no problem and no pain. It leaves her hair feeling very moisturized. I do notice a slight residue on the ends where the ponytail holders are, but its not a big deal considering how great her hair feels. I had stopped using this product to try some other different things and when I went back I realized how much better Blended Beauty is than any of those other expensive products sold in the stores.

Love Happy Nappy!

I just bought this product for my 2 year old daughter a couple of months ago. She is AA (adopted) and I am white, so I have had much to learn about her gorgeous hair! I have tried literally tons of products on her very coarse, curly hair. This is one of my favorites, and I will keep it as a part of our hair routine. I love to put it in her hair as I am doing her twists. It is easily combed with this product. When I take her twists down, her hair is so soft and tangle free!

My Number 1 Choice...

I use Happy Nappy for my mini-twists, for twist outs, and for puffs. I absolutely luv, luv, luv this product. It makes my hair soft and my twists are plump. I can't seem to stop touching my hair (and neither can other people).

My new hair styling product

This product is great. I have 3b hair that is very frizzy and I was tired of using tons of mousse and hairspray leaving my hair looking nice, but feeling hard and crunchy. I decided to try various products from Blended Beauty and I really like this product A LOT. It defines and tames my curls nicely, and while sometimes it can be a little frizzy it still looks great. It also gives a natural look, so it neither looks like there is product in it or feels hard and crunchy. It also lasts a lot longer than the average bottle of hair product. It's great!


This product was a gift and when I run out I will definitely buy it. This product is a keeper!!

a total product!

This is a total package! Thick consistency, moisture, and a heavenly smell...perfect. I have BB5 hair (4B) and I have used this for years. Don't ever stop making this one, please!

my go-to for years!

this is like no other product that I have ever used (and I have used alot!) The fragrance is pleasant and intoxicating..I want to smell my hair all day long. It is one of the thickest creams on the market to date, and it is very moisturizing. love it!