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Reviews (10) / Curly Cake Shake 8oz

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Curly Cake Shake

The Curly Cake Shake is by far the best product I've tried thus far on my 5 year old daughter's hair. I used it after shampooing and conditioning her hair. It made combing her hair a breeze. This is the only detangler I will use going forward. Thanks for making such a great product.


I just received my Curly Cake Shake yesterday, I used it and I Loooooooove it. I will be ordering more products soon.


good product, just got thrown off by the consistency, seemed to be more of a light leave in than a detangler...but works great! my daughter didnt put up a fight while combing her hair :) ...not a huge fan of the bottle, makes spraying a bit difficult, but all in all quite pleased!

Curly Cake Shake praise

This is *THE* product I come back to time and time again. It keeps my 4yod hair nice and moist and makes detangling a non-issue. I order two bottles every time I place an order!


Use this product daily when styling my daughter's hair.Makes it look fresh and renewed !!

Curly Cake Shake

This is the hair product that we use every single day on our daughter's curls. We spray it on, along with water from a water bottle, and do a quick detangle before school. The product doubles as a leave-in conditioner and keeps her curls moist all day. The "4" is only because we would like a travel-size refillable bottle!!!

Curly Cake Shake

I absolutely love this product. Before I began using CCS my daughter's hair was so impossible to detangle and she hated when it too. Now, detangling her hair is a breeze combined with the Blended Cutie Conditioner. Love these two together!! Two thumbs up!!

exactly what we needed

My daughters hair is always a tangled mess in the morning because it's very fine. I comb it through daily and it used to be a nightmare until we got this. And it makes her hair all bouncy and shiny every morning. When it dries it still looks great and feels great. We can't live without it now

Favorite Product!!

This is by far our favorite product for my 8yo girl. She's got very fine, tight curls that mat up when you just look at them wrong. This product has turned hour-long comb-out torture sessions into something much shorter and much more pleasant. Even though this our favorite product, I only gave it a 4 because of the packaging. The spray mechanism is a hard to use and my hand is tired pretty quiclkly. I'd love if BB would sell this product in a larger bottle with a more comfortable nozzle, or even better, in a refill pack that you could pour into your own spray bottle. I'm sure the nozzle part adds to the cost and I certainly don't need a new bottle each time. Overall, I highly recommend this product!!

Curly Cake Shake

This is my absolute favorite for my 5-year-old daughter!!!! I can either use it as a "spritzer" after she's been laying down or just needs some refreshment for the curls or I spray some in my hands and work it through sections after shampoo and conditioner. I always order at least two bottles and wish I ordered more!!! Oh, and the smell....AHHHH I LOVE IT!!!