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Reviews (4) / Softest Curls 8oz

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Great for all hair types

I used this product on myself (3b hair) my son whose's texture is (3c) and my daughter who has 4a hair. This product worked wonderful for all of us. It defined my son's curls and moisturized and gave great definition to my daughter's twist outs. A nice thick creamy butter texture that goes on smoothly. It leaves your hair feeling so soft and moisturized without that greasy feeling. It pairs nicely with the Curly Frizz Pudding. It is very lightweight so you don't have to worry about it weighing down your curls.

LOVE this on both my kids' hair

I started using this with my son, who is now 4, when he was about 1. He's biracial and had (before we cut his hair) soft, big curls with a tendency to frizz after sleeping. This was the perfect cure. It left his hair soft and shiny. It wasn't sticky or heavy, and best of all, it smells absolutely divine! I've recently started using it on my 8 month old, and it keeps her sweet little curls in check just as well. I imagine I'll be using it for a lot longer on her hair than I did my son's. Thanks BB! I LOVE this product!!

Great Cream!

I use this cream on my daughter who is 2 years old and has super soft, cotton-like hair. This cream is light and not too heavy for her fine hair. It is very moisturizing and glides onto her soft strands. It is the only cream that I use for her and I've had the 8 ounce jar for months now. A little goes a long way!

has a nice dry feel

I love how this cream dries. It's not sticky or crunchy. It's just soft and smooth and light feeling. It's so nice.