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Reviews (7) / Silky Swirls Shampoo 8oz

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Only product my kids' sensitive skin can tolerate

BB products overall are the only products that consistently work well on all my children and does not cause at least one of them to have an allergic reaction. All the well-known/commercially driven products cause them to get hives or have very itchy scalps. But this shampoo and all of the products to go with it never do; they will be customers for life.


Love, love this shampoo! My granddaughter's biracial hair is very fine, but dry and this shampoo leaves it clean and so soft. Doesn't weigh her hair down and helps keep it moisturized.

Best shampoo ever!

I love this shampoo on my daughters hair...her hair tends to be dry and after using this shampoo and conditioner it feels amazingly soft and smells beautiful too!!!!

Really Good Shampoo!

I use this shampoo on my daughter's hair and it is very moisturizing and doesn't strip her hair at all. I also use the Tug Me Not Conditioner after shamppoing her hair and it just melts in her hair and detangles well. A little goes a long way for both products!

really nice

This shampoo totally lives up to it's claims. It's so very gentle and slippery and conditioning.

Our Favorite Shampoo

I agree with Hannah- this shampoo is so slippery, so moisturizing- not what I've come to expect from shampoo (even the "good" ones). It cleanses beautifully while softening the hair. I bought it for my daughter's BB4 hair, but use it on my stick-straight hair as well. We LOVE it!

better than expected

I've never felt a shampoo so slippery and moisturizing. It doesn't leave that squeak feeling. It just stays soft after. Just so nice.