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Reviews (7) / Down & Out Styles 8oz

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wanna try this and heard good revievs

I love this product!

I bought this product for my bi-racial daughter(black/asian). This product defines her hair so nicely. So many poeple asked me what I use on her hair. I have many friends who have bi-racial kids and I've recommended this product so many of them.

Finally she is happy to leave her hair down!!!

My daughter has always been very reluctant to let me leave her hair out as it would always be too "poofy" but now she loves to have it out...the first time she used it i caught her in the mirror flicking her head in the mirror watching her hair bounce! Thanks so much!!


This product has been a miracle for my daughters hair. There is no way we can live without this product now, her curls are so soft and defined when we use it and it brushes out so easily! LOVE IT!!!


This product make my daughter's hair seem like totally different hair. Even the next time I went to comb it, it just combed so easily like it had been changed or healed in some way. I just looks so healthy now! Most products are all the same in the end. I never expected one to actually work like a miracle.

Down & Out

This product is thick and creamy, but not greasy. Really good as a daily moisturizer for my daughter's BC3 hair. Only thing is it does not really provide lasting curl definition, but that's ok because I use it as more of a moisturizer and not so much as a styling product. For lasting curl definition, use Jelly Cream on top of the Down & Out for BC3 hair.

the best!

This is just the best!