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Reviews (5) / SilkShake 8oz

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Best leave-in ever!!

I could never get through a twisting session without losing lots of hair from the tangles once my started to dry during the process. This product keeps my hair tangle free even when dry.

Silky hydrated coils

Your silkshake left my hair so conditioned and soft. I like this product... A lot!

4-day hair!!

I used this leave-in as a curl reviver on a tired wash-n-go. It worked wonders! My tresses were moisturized and sprung back to life.


LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!! Fantastic product. I have 3 daughters and we all use it, I have to buy 3-4 at a time because it is sometimes all we have to use on day 2. Did I say I LOVE IT?!!!!


By far, this is the best leave-in conditioner on the market! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a light, but effective product. Five stars!