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Curl Definers

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Curly Hair Definers


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Natural Curl Definers

Definers That Also Moisturize and Condition


Curly Hair Definers
Moisturizers To Define Curls
Curly Hair Definers
Curl Styling Lotion 8oz
For Defining and Moisturizing Silky Medium Textured Curls
Natural Leave-in Hair Lotion for Biracial Curls and Mixed Chicks.
Price: $19.00


Happy Nappy Styles 8oz
For Defining and Moisturizing Dry Highly Textured Curls
Natural Hair Butter Cream for Afro Curls and Mixed Hair. Leave-in Conditioner.
Price: $21.00


Curl Styling Butter 8oz
For Defining and Moisturizing Dry Medium Textured Curls
Curly Hair Butter Cream
Price: $21.00