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Blended Beauty - Natural Curly Hair Care Products for Biracial and Afro Curls

BB4 Type -- Dry Medium to Highly Textured Curls that Frizz, Poof and are Hard to Define.


Curly Hair Products/Corkscrew Curls
Dry Medium to Highly Textured Curls that Frizz
products for corkscrew curls

Curl Quenching Conditioner 8oz
For Regular Daily and Weekly Conditioning
Natural Curly Hair Conditioner. Detangle Biracial and Afro Curls.
Price: $18.50


Curly Frizz Pudding 8oz
Wear Hair Curly or Wavy With Extra Definition & Hold
All Natural Soft Hold Moisturizing Gel Lotion for Curls
Price: $19.00


Happy Nappy Styles 8oz
For Defining and Moisturizing Dry Highly Textured Curls
Natural Hair Butter Cream for Afro Curls and Mixed Hair. Leave-in Conditioner.
Price: $21.00

Product Available From  11-30-2017

SilkShake 8oz
A Spray Lotion for Light Moisture, Detangling & Heat Straightening
Leave-in Spray Conditioner Detangler Lotion for Dry Mixed Curls and Afro Hair
Price: $19.00


Soy Cream Shampoo 8oz
For Gentle Cleansing Daily, Twice a Week, Or Weekly
Natural Shampoo - Soy Cream Shampoo
Price: $18.50