WIN Mom Free Blended Beauty Products for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Contest

Mother's Day Contest

May 13th is Mother’s Day! We know you would love to win mom three free Blended Beauty products. Please share with us what makes your mom UNIQUE. We can’t wait to hear about her! Comment on this post and tell us all that makes your wonderful mom so unique. The most unique mom wins! The contest ends on May 10th. ALSO, if you include an order number in your entry dating from May 3rd-May10th, and you win, your mom wins 5 products! Good luck!

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5 Responses to WIN Mom Free Blended Beauty Products for Mother’s Day!

  1. Ian says:

    What makes my Mom most unique is that after ‘retirement’, she returned to her ‘roots’ by traveling back to her native homeland in the Caribbean to give back to the community where she was born and raised where she does community outreach tutoring youth and adults in the areas of reading and English grammar to help people fulfill their God-given potential.

    • Congratulations, Ian! Your mom has been chosen as our winner of Unique Mom contest. Although all the moms sound amazing, we were moved by what your mom has done. Please email us.

  2. krystel says:

    I love my mom what makes hr unique is that she is very loving she loves all her children evenly she is mixed race which makes her unique she gives me options ideas tips every tips she gives us anything that she can get she loves her all her children my hair is natural she teaches me hoow to tace care of my long curls :D

  3. Dominique says:

    What makes my mom unique is her courageous and bold attitude! From as long as I can remember she’s always encouraged my sisters and I to live life to the fullest and never let anyone or anything stop us from achieving the things we wanted to in life! She’s always been there for my six sisters and I even when her schedule may not have permitted her to do so she Lways made a way or a will to make sure we had some type of support ! Although she is not perfect I live her for who she is and what she’s done! She has not only been a mom. An educator , an aid to us but also she’s went back to school to finish her degre, with everything going on in our lives as is! That’s what I believe makes my mom unique!

  4. Njeri Davis says:

    What makes my mom unique are the interests she adapted to bond with her children and learn from them. She took up playing video games to bond with my brothers. Growing up in a mostly african american urban community, she encouraged me to be different, embrace options. I think I was the only kid in my school who listend to soca,dance,oldies, and rock music. After I went natural(without her support), she saw how much I loved my natural hair and even embraced going natural herself(she has locs).Today, I’m the unique individual I am because my unique mother taught me true beauty is accepting and being ones self no matter what. Thank you mommy : )

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