Upgrades for the New Year!

Blended Beauty has had many requests for protein-free products and wheat or gluten-free products.  Many people have an allergy to wheat or gluten and need natural products that do not contain this allergen. The request for protein-free products comes from individuals who feel their hair reacts negatively to protein.

Wheat falls in to the category of protein, which most of our products now contain. After hearing out many a customer about their protein issue or allergen issue, we have decided to go protein free! This won’t happen over night. We have a great deal of label stock to get through. But one product at a time we will be switching to protein-free. Each newly formulated product will be announced in the newsletter when it arrives. This will take the better part of 2013.

A second upgrade we would like you to look out for in the new year concerns the pump products. At the moment we have several pump products that don’t always pump very well due to temperature or viscosity, and sometimes a faulty pump. These products will be moving away from a pump and bottle, and into an upside down squeeze tube with a flip cap!  This will make the product very easy to dispense.

We like keeping out customers informed! We hope you look forward to the new changes coming, and that you spread the word.

Stay Curly!

Blended Beauty

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12 Responses to Upgrades for the New Year!

  1. dorothy says:

    I forgot to add that last time I wrote to you, that I don’t know why both the happy nappy cream and the butter me up cream, both of these products leaves white flakes on my hair and my kids hair. So my question to you blended beauty is do you know why? and these were the only products I was using on our hair. Please let me know cause Im thinking about trying it again soon.

  2. Walter Grimes says:

    I’ve been using your products on my daughters hair for about 1 1/2 yrs. now. I seemed to be having problems maintaining her curls as far as combing and styling. Is there a certain technique or product that could be used to untangle her hair when combing and styling? Because she complains that it hurts to comb it. Now when I wash her hair with the shampoo and conditioner . I can comb through her hair real easy as long as the conditioner is in her hair. but when I rinse her hair clean . I simply blow dry it and that’s
    it she’s off to bed. The next morning me or my wife does her hair that’s when the crying and screaming starts. Now my idea was to add a little curly shake to her hair.
    To help in the detangling. Plz. Help!!!

    • Am I understanding when you say you comb it in the morning dry? Do you need to blow dry it at night? What about just putting it in maybe 5 twists and then in the morning adding some product and finger combing? You should also add product after rinsing out the conditioner.

  3. Sandra says:

    In the coming new year do you have any attentions to try again selling your more popular products in a bigger size even as a limited amount just to see how well it sells.It would really be NICE to have the soft curls & swirls in a bigger size.

  4. dorothy says:

    Here is another one vegetable glycerine, it will also be nice if your products didn’t contain it too. Me and my 2 girls, vegetable glycerine doesn’t work on our hair either when winter gets here, it dries our hair like crazy :( But I really applaud blended beauty for going protein free and gluten free, thank you for that because our hair doesn’t like protein either. Keep up the good work hopefully blended beauty will also consider of not puting vegetable glycerine in the new formulas coming in the new year, because I do know alot of people who their hair doesn’t not like vegetable glycerine, that will be something to think about. I do love blended beauty from the package to the fragrance very beautiful. So what I’m saying is I only use blended beauty in summer but in winter I can’t because of the vegetable glycerine. It would be a blessing if we could use blended beauty all year around that will be amazing.


    • I’m sorry to hear your hair does not like glycerine. It’s not something we hear normally. Glycerine is so hydrating and attracts water. I’m not quite sure what the issue could be.

  5. Ketina says:

    I’m very excited by this news. I am also excited about the pumps. I know I had a defective Soy cream Shampoo pump earlier this year.

  6. Kacy says:

    I was wondering if you all will be selling the Herbal Reconditioner again. It was initially supposed to be available as of 8/24/12, but, that hasn’t happened as of yet. I’m really hoping that you will continue selling that wonderful product.

    • Yes we will. I can’t say how long it will take but it’s mostly up to the economy. Right now people are seeking out inexpensive replacements for higher end products. Hopefully things will normalize sooner than later.

    • juanita says:

      I second that…..escepecilly it going protein free I would so buy that deep conditioner…so ready to buy every new protein free product coming out…get my check book ready…love blended beauty……

      • Jan K says:

        I am happy to hear the news. Finding a product that works on my hair that is also gluten free is not easy and as far as cost goes, I would save money by not having to shop around like I do now to find gluten free products.

        As one with said allergies, the hair suffers greatly and lacks growth. I have been natural for a year and to look at me you would think that it’s been six months since the big chop.

        Thank you.

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