Protecting Your Curls From Heat Damage

Protecting Your Curls From Heat Damage

Before straightening my daughter N’s hair, I couldn’t help but notice that many naturals have a fear of using heat on their hair. It is obvious that heat can bring severe damage to hair, and cutting the damaged hair is the only cure. So why did I even dare to use heat on N’s hair? …Well, I wanted to explain the right way of using heat, with these few tips.


The 1st step before using heat, is to prepare the hair. Start with freshly washed hair, followed by a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. I deep conditioned N’s hair using Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditioner. Deep conditioning helps to adsorb and dissipate heat. Hair not properly moisturized heats rapidly, and is damaged more easily.


When searching for a flat iron, use a flat iron with an adjustable temperature settings. You want to be sure that you can view the actual

temperature. This is so important. Some flat irons do not show the actual temperature that the flat iron is set to. Some flat irons only have settings such as “low-medium-high.” Avoid using these flat irons. Even the “low” setting can be too high for certain curl types, and can cause unwanted damage. A setting above 450 can reek havoc on your hair. Use the lowest setting, preferably high 200′s to low 300′s.


When using a blowdryer, make sure it has temperature settings. But most importantly the “cool/cold” option. Yes, it may take a little longer to dry, vs using the hottest option. But keeping all of the heat on low, is the safest way to go. I rotate between the warm and cool option for N. Also the attachable pick on a blowdryer, helps to straighten the hair a bit. Therefore, you may actually end up using less heat.

Heat Protector

Would you sunbathe without using sunscreen? ..No. So why would you use direct heat on your hair without using some sort of protection from the heat. This is the one crucial step that many skip. You have to protect your curls. The Blended Beauty Straightening Glaze is designed to help with setting your hair for the use of heat. Also the Blended Beauty Straight Pearl is good for everyday use to moisturize your curls.

Straightening Glaze

Straightening Glaze

Straight Pearl

Straight Pearl

Use a setting lotion or protectant spray, throughout your hair before using heat.

Straightening with Blended Beauty

Straightening with Blended Beauty

Straightening with Blended Beauty

Straightening with Blended Beauty

Too Much, Too Soon

Moderation is the key to using heat. I have only blowdried N’s hair twice, and flat ironed three times in her (soon to be) 8 years of life. Even if you use all of the tips above. You hair can still suffer when using heat excessively. Every day, every 3 days, or even every week, can be too much and you risking the health of your hair. Another example of too much heat, is when you go over the section of hair to be flat ironed, a bunch of times. It is recommended to smooth the flat iron over the hair, no more than twice (3 times max for courser hair.) Do not leave the flat iron on a certain spot (I did this all the time as a preteen.. -sad face-). But glide the flat iron down the hair shaft, at a medium pace. Also the Chase-Comb Method (which is simply running the comb down your hair as you flat iron) is great for getting the hair straighter with one pass of the flat iron.

-If you prep & protect your curls, there is no reason to be scared of heat damage. With just one wash, N’s curls came right back.

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15 Responses to Protecting Your Curls From Heat Damage

  1. motherlovin3 says:

    These are great tips for keeping hair healthy and minimizing the damage that can done with heat.

  2. Once Upon a Curl says:

    thanks for the info i too a fearfull of using heat and N is looking fab, I’ve heard many good thins about blended beauty

  3. Dijah A says:

    I blow dry my daughters hair twice a month. I use the low setting also, and a heat protectant. I plan to flat iron it once I get a flat iron that allows me to set the temp. Great tips.

  4. krystal says:

    I would defently use these tips for further heat

  5. alexis martin says:

    I will definitely use some these tips in future, my daughter is in need of a good trim.

  6. Shaela Toni says:

    I would like to try these products on my hair! I’ve been natural almost 5 years and have only had my hair straightened twice due to fear of heat damage. Now that my hair is a lil past mid-back length, I would like to wear it straight this winter.

  7. Virginia says:

    She has absolutely GORGEOUS hair! I love it! <3 Thanks for the tips!

  8. Amanda Blount says:

    So informative! I love this~! We may try flat ironing Beebs’ hair one day with these tips when she’s ready! :)

  9. Paige Tate says:

    Your daughter has such beautiful hair. I love getting tips on different products and styles for my daughters hair. After raising a son for 7 years who only needs a chop every 2 weeks it was a big change to have to do hair at least once a week but we have beautiful healthy hair which is growing at an alarming rate!!!! Keep up the good work.

  10. latanya says:

    Great tips. I like that the Beauty Straightening Glaze is a multifunctional product.

  11. Ollie Moss says:

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    Ollie Moss,

  12. LaShauna says:

    very helpful tips. I have only straightened my daughters (6) hair 3x and I am ALWAYS worried about damaging it. She loves to have it straight but we save it for an occassion.

  13. Shautel says:

    DO you not have any thoughts on using a Hot Comb (which I did buy and haven’t used yet on my 2 girls, ages 5 and 3 with totally different curl patterns)..I ask because I do not own a blow dryer or a flat iron..I’m sure I could borrow from my cousins..But when I was little I got my hair straightened with a hot comb, so I’m just more familiar with it.. But I do like these tools, because I would like to straighten the Girls Hair for Thanksgiving and Christmas..

  14. Jerica says:

    At 3 we are a long way from straightening but when we do these tips will be very helpful

  15. Journee kapri says:

    beautiful hair

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