“My Hair Is Beautiful” Contest

"My Hair Is Beautiful" Contest

"My Hair Is Beautiful" Contest

Hello Beauties!!!

What makes your hair beautiful? Is it the texture, curl pattern, frizziness, versatility? Each individual has uniqueness to their curls and we want to know what makes YOUR hair beautiful. Tell us and you can win any 2 Blended Beauty products!  There will be 3 winners.

See the official contest video here.

You may enter one of two ways.

1. Make a YouTube video telling me what makes your natural hair beautiful. And tell us your favorite natural hairstyle!  Post the link to your video here. (2 winners)


2. You can enter by leaving a comment here, describing both what makes your hair beautiful AND your favorite natural hairstyle. (1 winner)

One winner will be chosen at random.

Please see contest rules below:

1. Must Be 18 years or older (Under 18 must obtain parental consent before participating)
2. Must live in the United States or Canada
3. Must subscribe to the Blended Beauty Newsletter (on the home page)
4. Only one entry per person

Last Day to Enter: May 7th 2012

Winner will receive two items of their choice from the Blended Beauty Website. Have fun and good luck!!!

Ms. Cinnamon Cake (Michelle)

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33 Responses to “My Hair Is Beautiful” Contest

  1. Mikasha C Wade says:

    My Favorite thing about (Mrs. Unique) that is what I name my hair because it’s Unique in it’s own way. I never thought that when I finally transitioned from Relaxed hair to Natural hair that my hair would have 3 different textures, The front of my hair is bone straight it’s looks like I have a relaxer in the front, The middle is the comb breaking section, combing out the middle takes me back to being a child when my mother would grab my forehead and brush my hair up in a pony tail. And the back of my head is Curly love it love it.

    It took some time to embrace my natural hair I would get my hair pressed because I was scared on wearing my natural hair because I work in corporate America and I would see how they would look at me when I wore my hair braided, But then I did not care I started wearing a Wash and go or up in pony tail and I LOVE IT!!!! I have 2 favorite hair styles wash and go of course love it or a twist out with a band you can ROCK a hair style Love being Natural and I thank God I did they say never say never but I don’t see a relaxer coming any time soon.

  2. Jerica says:

    My favorite thing about my hair is that I have different textures and patterns on one head. It took a while to embrace these hair types that I still cannot type but now I love it. My favorite style is curly locks!

  3. krystel says:

    i love my curl pattern because it has natural waves on the top and springy curls at the ends but at very hot climate my hair tends to look kinky but i love it i just apply some type of gel in me hair my fav hairstyle is big hair and bouncy curls

  4. lisa williams says:

    My hair is beautiful because it is unique. My favorite style at this time would have to be a wash-n-go, because it shows off my curl pattern.

  5. Josephine T. says:

    My hair is beautiful because it’s God’s gift to me. Being natural has allowed me to see the beauty that my Heavenly Father created in me. My hair is never the same everyday and when I least expect amazing creations occur. I never have to worry when it rains ’cause all I’ll get is curls and compliments. My hair is beautiful because it frees me to live a life without boundaries :>).

    My favorite style is a wash n’ go.

  6. Andrea says:

    My hair is beautiful because it is uniquely mine. I have waist length wave, curls AND kinks. It completely has a mind of it’s own and refuses to be typed. I have an abundance of glossy shiny silver mixed in with my natural black hair color. The real attention getter is the bright almost white shiny silver patch in the front. Above all my beautiful hair is healthy.

    My favorite hairstyle is a off center part two strand twist out.

  7. LeKeisha Harris says:

    My hair is beautiful because of its versatility. I love the fact that I can wear so many different styles and when I style my hair the styles last a couple of weeks. I love the different patterns and the way way my hair looks as it grows out. I’ve wanted to go natural over 10 years ago, but about 3 years ago I finally did it and I haven’t looked back. I think my hair makes me unique.

    My favorite hair style is the puff; it’s so easy to do and I think it looks really good on me.

  8. Brittany Rose says:

    I love my beautiful NATURAL hair!! I’ve always had shoulder length thick hair (relaxed) and everyone would always compliment me on my beautiful hair. When I decided to transition to natural hair those same encouraging people were nowhere to be found. This made me embrace my natural hair even more! I felt liberated and unique. It made me feel so good to be able to have hair that is sooo versatile. Going through the ups and downs of “learning” my hair all over again was hard at times but something I appreciate. Of course, our hair doesnt define us but enhances who we are. I’ve learned this while being on my natural journey.

    My all-time FAVORITE hairstyle is the twistout!! And the bigger the better!! I wear this at least six of the seven days of the week. Big, curly, shiny hair!!! I love it!!

  9. Sabrina R says:

    My hair is beautiful because it’s wild sexy and unpredictable like me it can’t go from curly to Afro from shoulder length to lower back length defined to frizzy all in the same day. My favorite style is updos because it shows my hairs versatility all while protecting it win/win

  10. Autumn hayes says:

    My hair is beautiful because it’s very unique, and lovely :) My favorite hairstyle is a twist out

  11. Angie says:

    My hair is beautiful because it is my hair. God NEVER makes mistakes! My favorite hairstyle is afro puffs a la Lady of Rage. LOL

  12. Tiffany P. says:

    My hair is beautiful because it is shiny, heathly and my curls are bouncy when free and it produces nice waves when pulled into a bun on the crown and sides of my head. I have minimal frizz and my favorite style is a twist out using a flat twist method.

  13. Maria M says:

    my hair is beautiful beacuse its my hair…. mi texture… & i love it… the fact that i can do soo may styles is exciting to me…. i dont have to deal with one style (when i was relaxed)… i only did one….mi texture is curly yet kinky… i love it best when it has a little frizz… it always gives it a little pow to the hair…people always tell me i see why u went natural it fits u…. u know when u first decided to make that big decision and grow out my natural hair…. it was scary but after months ,then a year had went by now almost 2years 9 months transition & almost a year natural…. i was in love with everything about mi hair….i would never revert back to a relaxer… mi texture is me & with it im unique in mi own way!!

  14. Nia Smith says:

    My hair is beautiful because it is truly an extension of me. It’s not perfect, it doesn’t follow the “norm” and it’s much happier when I let it do what it pleases. I’m so happy i found the courage to go natural. My favorite natural hairstyle is the twist-out. I love the ease and controlled chaos it gives to my fro.

  15. Nina says:

    The thing that makes my hair beautiful is the uniqueness that it gives me. By going against society’s hair standards and ditching that dreaded relaxed it would free me from traditional beauty standards. I hated my hair in its relaxed state and always longed for big curly hair. I didn’t embrace my natural hair texture until 2/10/10 & that is when my confidence was restored & I learned to accept my hair and all it’s beauty. My favorite natural hair style are two strand twist and that is because that is the only style I’m good at, lol!

  16. Kimberly says:

    My hair is beautiful because it is soooo soft. I call it my cotton head, LOL. The back and sides are beautiful coils and the top/front is nice and wavy. I used to get plenty of compliments when my hair was relaxed but I get even more now. When I was relaxed, my husband never played in my hair. Now he can’t wait to get his hands in all this softness, LOL.

    Currently my favorite style is twists. I can workout in the mornings, add some oils to the twists and just go. Then on the weekends, I take the twists down and listen to all the compliments.

  17. Njeri Davis says:

    My hair is beautiful because of the history behind it. I am of Trinidadian(Afro and indo-caribbean),and Portuguse(Portugal) decent. My hair is a proud reminder of my beautiful cultures, where I came from, and who I am.

    My favorite natural hairstyle is wearing my hair out in all it’s glory : )

  18. chilisa walker says:

    I love the texture of my Afro-Texture hair. Someone is always asking me if they can touch my hair and amazed by how soft it is. I love my hair. I have had such good luck with my hair that my children and sister are natural now. I love putting my hair in twist outs, puff etc.

    But right now my favorite hair style at this moment is my wash n go with a pretty flower and earrings to accent my hair and look.

  19. Ollie Moss says:

    My hair is beautiful because I love it no matter what others may feel about it. I love the way it feels and looks. It can have a curl pattern one day and none the next, but I LOVE IT!!! My favorite style is a Afro, with I usually wear with a head band. I am also trying to learn how to do a twist out, which I am getting better with.

    Thank you,

    Ollie Moss

  20. ria says:

    I used to think that when I had permed hair it was pretty, then 7 years ago I went back to my natural kinky curly roots and realized what true beauty was. My natural hair is full of life, healthy and so versatile and I just love it when I get compliments from random strangers. I love my natural hair!

  21. Nicole says:

    My hair is beautiful simply because it is. It has that an unaltered beauty that can only be compared to a new born. My favorite hair style is a picked out afro with a headband.

  22. Maria says:

    My hair is beautiful because it is natural, healthy and a combination of both of my parents hair. I love wearing it loose and letting it be the way it is, curly, frizzy in some spots and bouncy! Thanks Mom and Dad!

  23. Sharon says:

    My hair is beautiful because “I” like it. I love the feel of it when it is well moisturized. I really like the idea of been able to wear it curly or straight if I choose to. Most of all my husband love the smell of my hair…you can’t beat that!

    Right now my favorite hair style is a simple puff. There is no fuss with it.

  24. Patrice W says:

    I am beautiful. That is what my hair taught me. My hair is beautiful because it taught me how to take control of my life, and my choices. I learned the first time I cut my hair on my own that I define who I am, and I can be beautiful no matter how I decide to wear my hair. I have a beautiful–nearly bald, sexy and sassy tapered cut. My WAVES make even the fellas stop and take notice. My curls are big and thick and bouncy. When I cut my hair to the scalp I finally realized that I have an inner beauty and strength that can’t be contained. My hair taught me that I can walk with confidence at any length and any texture. I define me. My hair is a beautiful accessory, but one day when it goes grey or thins…I will still be beautiful. That is why I love my hair.

  25. Marnae Richardson says:

    My natural hair is beautiful because it let’s me be free. My natural hair made me what I always wanted to be but was afraid to be. I love my natural hair and it is beautiful it is mine.

    My favorite hair style is a good twist out

  26. Carmen says:

    My hair is beautiful because that is how God made me. He has blessed me with curly thick strands that offers versatility and flexibility. Each curl has its own personality, and I LOVE IT! Sometimes, my curls can be stubborn, but I have learned my hair enough to know what it needs. And that in itself has been rewarding…to know the needs of your hair.
    My natural curls also adds another dimension to beauty that transcends. I wear my hair in a variety of styles depending on my mood, the season, my style. Overall, I tend to wear my hair up in protective styles. Thank you for allowing me to share my beauty!

  27. Rebekah Cross says:

    From Michelle (age 3): Why is your hair beautiful? “Because I like it so much” and because Jesus made it. Her favorite style: “with beads!”

  28. Angela A says:

    I have been natural for 17 yrs. and I love my natural hair. My hair is beautiful and I take pride in what grows naturally. My favorite hair style is wash and go b/c its so easy for my lifestyle.

    My three daughters are all natural as well and I teach them that their natural hair is lovely and beautiful and how to properly take care of it.

  29. Kara W says:

    What make my hair beautiful? Me. My hair is such a big part of who I am. My hair is beautiful because I am beautiful regardless of my head shape, hair color, hair texture etc.

    My favorite natural hairstyle is whatever I am rocking that day. Today, it’s a buzz cut.

  30. Camille says:

    My hair is beautiful because i work at taking care of it. I nurture it inside and out and it shows how it glistens in the sun on even the gloomiest day, how soft it is when it touches your skin, how it bounces when i walk. No matter the style, my hair is beautiful because its MINE & I LOVE IT. Really thats all that matters!

  31. Janna Bennett says:

    My hair is beautiful because it is so uniquely me. I love how afro-textured my hair is as well as how versatile I can be with her. I can wear an afro one day and rock a twist- out the next. LOL! And if I so choose to, I can even wear a straight look and still go back to my afrocurly hair. How cool is that?!! I love being able to take care of my hair and not feel like I have to go to a beauty salon just to make my hair **look beautiful** because she already is. Although I am not my hair, my hair is a part of me and makes me stand out from all the rest.

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