Michelle One Year After Her Big Chop!


One year after the Big Chop

One year after the Big Chop

It’s HERE!!! It has been one year since I big chopped my natural hair. My hair has been such a joy to have this year with the ease of manipulation and styling options. I have enjoyed being able to versatile with my hair at each stage. I was also so pleased at my hair’s luster and shine by using the Blended Beauty line. The products allowed for my hair to stay soft and pliable (and smell sweet)!! My hair grew an overall six inches. This is impressive because it means I was able to retain most of my length. It feels so good to be able to walk proudly with my afro and know that I love the hair that God gave me and to be able to make a statement. My hair is a huge part of who I am because it exemplifies my beauty, confidence and style. I am so excited to see my progress in the years to come. Thank you Stacey , for allowing me the opportunity to use products that were complimentary to make hair and added to having a successful year with my hair :o ) Michelle

We at Blended Beauty have very much enjoyed sharing Michelle’s journey with you and look forward to hearing any updates from Michelle in the future!

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