Michelle 6 Months After Her Big Chop

Michelle 6 months after the big chop

Michelle 6 months after the big chop

During the month of June I struggled with a lot of personal issues and my hair suffered because of it. I did not take very good care of my hair this month. I washed my hair twice (I usually wash weekly) and co-washed once a week. I realized that during a time when things are turbulent in my life it is important for me to still hold on to things that are important to me, such as my hair. Maintaining my hair keeps me focused on the positive aspects of myself and of my life. At the end of the month I did a long deep conditioning treatment and was able to repair my hair to its normal health. So far my hair still looks very healthy and the products have kept my hair strong  and beautiful even throughout my rough month.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCUBq1WrcNw

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