Michelle 5 Months after the Big Chop

Michelle 5 months After the Big Chop

Michelle 5 months After the Big Chop

During the month of May I did not take very good care of my hair. With the last weeks of school, graduation and traveling my schedule was very busy. I washed my hair twice this month with the Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo, but co-washed twice a week.  Before traveling I used the Happy Nappy Styles to do twists in my hair and wore wigs. While on vacation I used a spray bottle with water, conditioner and oil to spritz my hair daily. However, my hair was very dry because I was not consistent. Once home from vacation I did not suffer from too much breakage but I realized the importance of taking travel sized products when traveling. My hair is growing steadily even with the lack of maintenance this month but I will take better care of it during my next travel.


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  1. tamika says:

    I returned natural in November 2011 and I have a few strands that stay straight, why is that?

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