Michelle, 4 Weeks After The Big Chop

Blended Beauty is happy to bring you an update from Michelle. It’s been 4 weeks since the big chop and 3 weeks since she started using Blended Beauty products. In this post she talks about her initial findings. Thanks Michelle!

Michelle 4 weeks after the big chop

Michelle 4 weeks after the big chop

After 3 weeks of using Blended Beauty Products I can say that I am very pleased. I used the Soy Cream Shampoo to wash my hair once a week, followed by the Curl Quenching Conditioner. The shampoo has a very low lather, but cleans very well and left my hair feeling smooth and moisturized. I did not need to pre poo because it did not strip my hair. The conditioner was extremely thick and helped my hair to feel nice and soft. I believe I could add some oils and use this conditioner as a deep conditioner because of its consistency. Both products smell like almonds and are not overpowering.

After I washed and conditioned, I sprayed my hair with the Silk Shake leave in for moisture. I then followed up with the Soft Curls & Swirls. This cream is thick and has a silky feeling to it. It went on my hair very smoothly and felt great. I then sealed my hair with the Natural Hair Oil which has all of the perfect oils for sealing!!! So far my hair is loving the products and I can tell these products are of quality . My hair does not feel as rough and hard as it used after using these products. Each morning I simply spritz my hair with water and add a little oil and my hair is soft again. I look forward to seeing the progression in the health of my hair throughout the months!!

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14 Responses to Michelle, 4 Weeks After The Big Chop

  1. julie says:

    yes I agree! great style!

  2. Gillian says:

    Hi Michelle – Keep up with the good work of consistent moisturizing which is especially crucial during the winter months. Thanks for reminding me to be continuous with a routine. Your results look great.

    • Michelle says:

      You’re very welcome. Yes, the winter demands lots and lots of moisture. Remembering to seal it in seems to be the key for me. Thank you for posting

  3. Ckrose says:

    Very informative, looks like you are well on your way to having a healthy head full of hair. I will continue to follow you on your journey.

  4. Katina says:

    Your hair really looks good & I must point out that your eyebrows are fierce!

  5. Stacey says:

    This is a very thorough review and is prompting me to try some products I haven’t yet. So thanks, Michelle!

  6. Vashti P says:

    Your hair is looking great Michelle. Sometimes I miss my twa(teeny weeny afro) :) . Looking forward to following your journey :)

  7. Diana OP says:

    You look great, and your review of the products are informative. Looking forward to your next update.

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