Michelle, 3 Months After her Big Chop

Michelle 3 months after Big Chop

Michelle 3 months after Big Chop


During the month of March, my hair has experienced some dryness. The weather has been colder than usual and my hair has been suffering because of it. I decided to twist my hair and keep it in twists from Sunday through Saturday each week. I twist my hair with the Happy Nappy Styles. Throughout the week I moisturize the twists by using water mixed with SilkShake. Then, right before wash day, I put the Curl Quenching Conditioner along with the Natural hair oil and honey in my hair and sleep with a plastic cap and satin bonnet over night. The next day when I wash my hair, it is very soft and the softness lasts for about 4 days. This has saved my hair from being dry to the touch. Besides these things I do not manipulate my hair during the week. I am considering doing a protective style for 3 weeks so I will not have to manipulate it at all. The products have been keeping my hair soft and non greasy. I have about an inch and a half of hair now, so I am happy with my progression thus far!!!

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  1. Soed Depas says:

    Your hair looks amazing! :)

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