Michelle, 11 Months After the Big Chop

11 Months After The Big Chop

11 Months After The Big Chop

During the month of November, I have seen an increase in growth with my hair. This month, I focused on moisture. Because of the weather change in these winter months, I paid special attention to deep conditioning and moisturizing mid-week. I also did an apple cider vinegar rinse this month when I felt my curls were dull and it helped restore bounce and elasticity to my hair. My regimen is the same and I am consistent with my hair products. This month I also did many different styles, some using hair extensions to experience the versatility of my natural hair. I am shocked that I am only one month from my one year anniversary. I have had so much fun this year that I have not noticed the time fly by. I may choose to wear a protective style for the month of December, but I love playing in my hair so much that I don’t think I can!!


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