Michelle, 10 Months After the BIG CHOP

Michelle, 10 Months after the Big Chop

Michelle, 10 Months after the Big Chop

During the month of October I truly learned how to manage my hair. In doing this simple regimen it has along my hair to be tangle free the entire week until the next wash day.

Part hair in 8 sections with clips

Detangle each section (by finger or comb) with Blended Beauty Silkshake and Conditioner, then rinse with clips still in hair

Massage Scalp with the Soy Cream Shampoo, then rinse (the clips are still in the hair)

Take out clips one by one and coat with Blended Beauty Conditioner mixed with Olive Oil, Honey and Castor Oil and sit under a steamer to deep condition

After doing this routine, my hair is soft, detangled and manageable for any style. I wish I would have learned this months ago!! My hair has also grown at a steady pace during the last few months. My hair is close to collar bone length and I anticipate it will reach collar bone length by my one year mark. Although length is very important to me, being able to look at the sheen of my hair and it’s manageability, makes me smile!!!


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