Meet One of Blended Beauty’s Very First Customers!

Jennifer with her J Girls

Jennifer with her J Girls

I have 3 beautiful, curly headed, blended beauties, and I would be so lost without Blended Beauty! I am so grateful to have found these fabulous products!

Jen's J Girl
Jen's J Girl
Jen's J Girl

Before BB, I tried every product imaginable; wasted a lot of money, and nothing seemed to work long term. I don’t know about you, but I refused to be that Mom who had children with crazy looking hair, so I was determined to find something that worked!!  I joined a yahoo group back in early 2005, looking for hair tips for my little girls, and that is where I met Stacey. Stacey shared her vast knowledge of curly hair and told us about these new products she was creating. I was so excited, and when BB finally got up and running, I placed an order immediately! It was the best decision I made and money well spent.

Stacey has taught me so much about caring for my daughter’s hair. A few things that I faithfully practice are:

  • Water is your friend! If their hair needs a refresh, spray with water, use a little product on the ends and voila refreshed curls!
  • Never comb dry hair – only comb when wet, and with conditioner on the hair so it does not break it. In fact, I rarely use a comb at all – I finger comb all the time. This really keeps their hair as healthy as possible.
  • Have them sleep with a “do-rag” or a stocking cap. I used a stocking cap for years until Stacey came out with the new sleep caps. WOW – another fabulous product! I just purchased my third sleep cap, and soon all my girls will have them!

I have learned so much throughout the years and I can’t wait to share more. If there’s anything specific you’d like to know, just reply, and I’ll see what I have in my useful hair vault.

Here’s to all of our beautiful blended beauties,
Jennifer, mom to the J Girls

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One Response to Meet One of Blended Beauty’s Very First Customers!

  1. Pamela R says:

    I know the J gals– they do have beautful hair!!!
    I also know Jen–IF IT DIDN’T WORK SHE WOULDN’T BUY IT!!!

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