Keep Your Favourite Products Working Well

We all have our own personal favourite products that we use regularly. And for the most part they always seem to be reliable and predictable. But have you ever noticed that once in a while you might use something that you feel you know very well and it just seems to not be doing what it should? This can be a rinse out hair product or a leave-in hair product. Your first thought might be ‘did they change the formulation?’ or something must be wrong with it. Actually it’s almost certain that you have build-up on your hair. Any hair product, even the ones you cannot live without, leaves a build-up on hair. This is not a bad thing! But once in a while it reaches that maximum level where your hair needs a deep cleansing. Usually about every 6 weeks. Now if you colour your hair every 6 weeks, than you have nothing to worry about, because the chemicals used to dye the hair will remove the build up. But if you don’t dye your hair all you need to do is use a shampoo on your hair that you don’t normally use. Cheaper shampoos give you a more squeaky clean. This is what you need to clarify the hair of the debris. You never want a squeaky clean any other time.

So if your hair seems to need a pick-me-up, remember to clarify!

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4 Responses to Keep Your Favourite Products Working Well

  1. Shon.M. says:

    This info is great. I find that my hair looks better when I don’t wash with shampoo too often, but I haven’t grown familiar with how often I need to do this kind of wash. I have had the problem with products drying on my hair white, so I am wondering how to get over that. I am hoping that whenever I get a chance to try blended beauty products I can find out if they will dry white on my hair. Hopefully they will not, and hopefully I will get to try some soon. If anyone knows how to stop this issue, please help. Thanks.

    • Njeri Davis says:

      Hi Shon, when products dry white on your hair, it is because the hair can not absorb the product due to residue from other products you ve been using that contains silicones,waxes, or heavy butters. If you use products with silicone, only a shampoo containing sulfates will remove it. Or it could be your using product thatdo not play well together. I hope this helps : )

  2. Kim says:

    This is what I thought I needed…I also think it is time for a trim, noticing that detangling is getting harder…Thanks for the info~

  3. Terry says:

    We have been using your product on my beautiful biracial grandaughter’s hair for over a year now and have found nothing that even comes close to the same results. She was suffering from itchy dry scalp and dry, hard to manage hair until we tried your product. One day she asked me to shave her head because of the itching! That was when I said “enough” and ordered your products. They are more than worth the money!

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