Introducing Precious

Precious will be guest blogging about simple styles that anyone can do without having great styling skills. Welcome Precious!

Precious Type 4 Curls

Guest Blogger Precious

Hi! My name is Precious and I am the author of a natural hair blog called Precious Curls. I am 18 years old and a college student, and the styles I do on my blog are catered to teens and young women who don’t have anyone to do their hair for them. I maintain and style my hair by myself, and would love to share simple and easy styles and techniques that anyone can do on their own!

I have very thick type 4 hair (a mixture of small corkscrew and afro curls.) Before going natural at the age of 16, I was totally clueless about hair care. Before the age of 12, I had natural hair that my mom and aunts cared for. I would hate having to do my hair, because combing and brushing hurt me so badly! Little did I know that my mom and aunts were not caring for my hair properly, as detangling natural hair should NEVER hurt. I begged for a relaxer, but my mom said that a relaxer would break my hair off. Finally, when I was 12, she agreed.
A few years later, my relaxed hair turned into a disaster. My thick hair had become thin, and I saw breakage everywhere, from my shirts to my pillow. I was unable to retain any length past my neck and wondered why my hair would break so much. Once in a while, I would see my new growth growing out from under my relaxer.  I saw the pretty little S-shaped curls and was intrigued. I wanted to go natural many times, but my mom convinced me that if I started to grow my natural hair out, my hair would break even more. So, each time, I relaxed my beautiful new growth.

Precious Type 4 Curls

Precious has Type 4 Curls

Finally, at the age of 15, I had had enough. I sat down at the computer and searched “hair care” and, many helpful articles later, realized that natural was the way to go. I began to grow my natural hair out and although I did some damaging practices (such as flatironing my new growth and not caring for my hair gently, causing much breakage) I still managed to come out with a full head of natural hair a year and a half later! It took me a year and a half to figure out how to care for my precious curls, coils, and kinks, and by starting my blog, I hoped to help others learn to care for their natural hair in a much shorter time.

Natural hair is beautiful, and it only takes a few simple techniques and the right products and hair care tools to make it the best it can be. I now realize that my mom and aunts were not caring for my natural hair the right way, which was why combing and brushing hurt, and why it seemed to not grow past my shoulders. I also now know that I must moisturize my hair in order to keep it hydrated and healthy. This in turn keeps it from breaking, and helps me retain length. After much researching while I was transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair, I created a page on my blog where I talk about the basics of natural hair care. This page is great for those who are new to natural hair care. You can visit my basics page at:

It took me quite a while to develop a hair care routine.

Here’s a brief overview of what I do:

-  Wash my hair once a week using a sulfate-free shampoo (like Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo)

-  Condition immediately after washing with a nice, thick conditioner (like Blended Beauty Curl Quenching Conditioner)

- Leave the conditioner in without rinsing and put my hair into about 30-40 two-strand twists to stretch out my hair overnight. This makes it easier to style the next day.

-  Unravel the twists and style the next day with a gel or a styler (like Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles)

- Throughout the week, I moisturize and seal my hair using a moisturizer, an oil, and a butter-based product (like Blended Beauty SilkShake, Hair Oil, and Butter Me Up.)

Check out my two reviews on Blended Beauty products here and here! To see my full hair care routine, visit this link:

Here are a few types of natural hairstyles that I’ll be sharing.

Elegant and sleek updo's

Elegant and sleek updo's

Cornrowed and Flat-Twist Styles

Cornrowed and Flat-Twist Styles

Braid-out Styles

Braid-out Styles

Twist-out Styles

Twist-out Styles

When I come home for break, I do some styles on my mom and my younger sister, so I hope you’ll enjoy those styles too. I’m also going to have a guest blogger on my blog soon who has just big chopped! Very soon, I hope to have some styles that cater to those with shorter hair.

I’ll also be sharing a few hair care tips, as well as sharing the hair care tools I use and some of the accessories I use to dress up a style!

Going natural was the best decision I ever made, and I have not looked back once. Thank you all so much for reading! I hope to help many of you with caring for and styling your beautiful, natural hair.


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11 Responses to Introducing Precious

  1. Brooke says:

    I love your hair, glad I will be getting to see more of it!!

  2. Char~ says:

    Congratulations on your guest blogging spot. I know you’re going to give so much to everyone reading!! Your knowledge of your beautiful hair texture is fantastic, because many black women and women with children who have that texture can get frustrated…unless they have the right way of doing you. You my dear have conquered that way and it’s going to be lovely reading what you have to share with ALL OF US!! :)



  3. Katina says:

    So cute…I live the puff pony!

    • Precious says:

      Thanks Katina!

      • Khoirul says:

        I too cut the hair @ our house… even my own! My hubby likes the short cut (#1 or #2 on the clipper atmnchteat–depending on the season). My oldest also has the curly hair, very forgiving!! My youngest, sad to say has the thin and straight hair, page boys are the easiest and cutest I think! Saves lots of money for sure!!!

  4. KandyLandKurls says:

    Beautiful Styles and I love reading your blog, and I cant wait to read your posts up here!

  5. Andrea D says:

    Very cute hairstyles.I actually have styled my hair in similar ways.In fact right now I have a big swoop frontal bang with medium sized braids with the ends out in a bun.Its similar to the pic you have for elegant and sleek updo I even made my black satin scarf into a headband with a bow on top to:-)

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