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We looking forward to posting Lisa’s wonderful insight on all things natural!
Lisa Michelle, an Austin native, started her natural hair journey in July of 2004 when she cut her relaxed hair in an effort to find her true self. Although it took 5 years, heat damage and a second big chop, Lisa finally realized the beauty in her hair and became a healthy natural in August of 2009. She has since fully embraced her curls and encourages others to give their own natural hair a chance to shine. Lisa’s love of all things curly lead her to establish her own natural hair blog, This Hair of Mine, in August of 2011. This platform has allowed her to share her personal experiences, reviews and tutorials as well as event coverage, educational articles, entertaining stories and other relevant news found throughout the world of natural hair. Lisa currently resides in Houston and is a member of several local natural hair groups. She enjoys being part of the natural hair community and providing an open and supportive forum for those who are natural or considering going natural. As it relates to natural hair, Lisa believes it is essential that you learn to love what you’ve got!

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9 Responses to Introducing Lisa Michelle

  1. Camille says:

    I never did a big chop. I have always off and on worn my hair natural, but now I’ve completely followed the force. :) I love it! I am very good to my hair; deep condition and give it hot oil, or protein treatments regularly. When my hair was straightened regularly it was healthy too. I find though that as I’ve gotten older and have lived in different climates, Arizona and MI, I have to train and retrain my hair.
    I absolutely LOVE blended beauty products and use them daily.
    What I have noticed though is that when I did get my hair straightened regularly, my beautician would give my regular protein treatments. It seemed longer then, obviously since it was straightened. But do you have any thoughts or suggestions for me to help it grow longer curly?

  2. Yvonne says:

    Congratulations on embracing your natural state! I myself would like to take this journey w/my 4 yr. old daughter as I instill self love and appreciation 4 her own uniqueness and to stand out against what’s become the norm! Can I achieve the transition from perm w/o cutting all of my hair? If not, I’m open. If yes, Please share!

    • Yes if you would like to cut off the relaxed hair bit by bit, a great way to avoid breakage when having both relaxed hair and natural hair, is to keep the hair in a strawset.

    • You can definitely transition your daughter to natural without cutting her hair. As BB stated, you can do micro trims every other month, and straw sets are great style options as well! You can also look into two strand twists or braided styles as options also during her transition. Great transition styles coupled with micro trims will keep her hair healthy while allowing her to keep the length, and instill self-confidence in herself and her natural hair. Good luck and I’d love to see her progress!

  3. Steph says:

    Lisa your curls look great! looking forward to reading your posts!

  4. I’m so excited to bring my experiences to Blended Beauty! I’ve been there, done that on a lot of things, but there’s always more to learn when it comes to natural hair. Thank you, Blended Beauty, for welcoming me!

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