Introducing Kandy

It’s a pleasure to introduce to you, our good friend Kandy. Kandy has become an expert stylist on her biracial daughter, and she is going to share her styles and expertise with us. We welcome any and all requests for styles or any other assistance. Please just leave a comment! Welcome Kandy!

Hello I’m Kandy from KandyLandKurls, I would like to share how I maintain, style, and overall care for my daughter’s hair. My daughter who we will call N, is 7 years old and has BB3 Spiral Curls.

type 3 curls

Type 3 Curls from Kandyland

I’m not a professional, far from it lol. I started to learn how to care for my daughters hair in 2010 after I noticed 2 nickel sized clumps of hair on her bedroom rug. Earlier that day, my daughter begged me, then her dad, for us to put her hair into a ponytail. I refused, because I wanted her hair to relax, and be tension free for the day. So out of anger, my then 5 year old, went a ripped 2 nickel sized pieces of hair out, and cried and lied about it. After, our very long heart to heart, I realized how unhappy she was with her hair. From that moment on, I decided that I would learn all I can, and document her hair journey so that I could help boost my child’s self esteem, and help other frustrated Mom’s and kids. About 2 months after that incident, I created my blog KandyLandKurls. From then to now, my daughters perception of her hair, and overall confidence has improved dramatically! She now loves her hair, and even though she doesn’t like it free (we are working on that lol). She is in a much better place, and won’t dare to rip her hair, her goal is for it to grow as long as Rapunzels.

After asking a zillion questions and researching natural hair, I created my daughter’s hair care routine.
This is N’s current hair care routine. (Can change as we try new things.)
Washing- I wash N’s hair once a week, every weekend. I always follow the shampoo process with a conditioner.
Deep Condition- I deep condition her hair every other wash.

Hot Oil Pre-poo Treatment- I give N a hot oil treatment, or I should say, warm oil treatment. Once every month, or every other, just to make sure her hair is well oiled.
Eggs Protein Treatment- N receives a egg treatment, once a month. All I have to do is simply crack 2 raw eggs into a bowl and beat them. Then I apply the eggs to her dry hair and I let it sit for approx. 10 mins. Then I wash it out with warm/cold water and continue with shampooing. (FYI -it’s important to use cold water, to prevent scrambled eggs in the hair..yucky)
Bedtime Care- I try to make sure her hair is in some form of braids or twists, which helps to prevent knotting in the morning (she is a wild sleeper.) I also try my best to put a satin scarf on her head (it tends to come off at night & I’m forgetful sometimes) but I do try to use it daily.
As I continue to post, I will explain why I do hot oil, protein, and deep conditioning treatments and it’s benefits.
I try to style her hair on Sundays, but like many busy mom’s I style whenever I have the spare time. But I make sure to find time, because hair time for us is now our Mommy-Daughter time that we now both value. Here are some of my daughters favorite hairstyles.

type 3 curls

Kandyland type 3 Curls

type 3 Curls

Kandyland type 3 Curls

type 3 Curls

Kandyland type 3 Curls

type 3 Curls

Kandyland type 3 Curls

Yes, curls are very versatile!
Guest Blogger: KandyLandKurls (Wife&Mom to N&L)
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48 Responses to Introducing Kandy

  1. Breanne says:

    How can you know what curl type of hair you have?

  2. LFrancis says:

    Great tips! Her hair is so gorgeous!!

  3. Natalie says:

    I wish I could braid my own hair like that. It would make things so much easier for me.

  4. Summer says:

    Aww I can’t wait till my little girl is older so I can do more with her hair! For now we will stick with afro/curls and pigtails. Oh and I guess I should learn how to cornrow. :-) You do a BEAUTIFUL job Kandy.

    • KandyLandKurls says:

      Thanks Summer, trust me we did those styles until she was 5, then I finally started cornbraiding her hair. Afros and simple styles promote growth, and are the best to me, especially for little ones. After your fingers start aching due to all of that hair, you’ll wish she was little again hahaha

  5. LaToya says:

    Great job Kandy! N’s hair looks awesome! Love the blog!!

  6. Kelly B says:

    How funny, my daughter wants Rapunzel hair too! lol I discovered natural hair blogs last June and have been obsessed ever since. My daughter’s hair has improved so much since then. I’ve been searching for a perfect products and would love to try Blended Beauty to see how her hair responds. Thanks for all of your helpful advice!

    P.S.-I love the 1st picture of N’s hair (half up in front of the fountain). She and her hair are so beautiful-I can’t wait for my daughter’s hair to reach that length!

    • KandyLandKurls says:

      I think ever since the movie Ranpunzel came out, all the kids want their hair to be like hers lol. I don’t care for ranpunzel’s length, I just want it to glow & have healing powers like hers LOL. Definitely give Blended Beauty Products a try! If you are unsure which one to purchase simply email Stacey, she is super friendly and will suggest the right one for your curl type. And thanks for the compliment :)

  7. Shelly says:

    Great tips, Kandy!!! p.s. I love your blog! :-)

  8. Andrea D says:

    Lovely hair styles. Wish I could do hair styles like that =) and your daughter is beautiful.You can tell she loves her curls which is great.

  9. Brooke says:

    Rapunzel length :) that is a nice goal for her to have. You do a great job on her hair and it shows, glad she is loving her hair.

    • KandyLandKurls says:

      Thanks Brooke! She says Rapunzel now, but I bet when she starts stepping on her hair, she will change her opinion hahahaha

  10. Tanesha says:

    Kandy she’s a doll and you do a wonderful job;caring for her hair!

  11. Alexis Martin says:

    Im still trying to figure out what works for my daughter going try this she is 3c/4a hates to get her hair combed lol much less washed and conditioned we go back and forth every time its that time every week Im learning to find ways to keep her entertained :)

    • KandyLandKurls says:

      Hi Alexis, we’ve been there! But once you find the right products and a good routine, hair time will go smoother. Our next post will be on ways to keep your child entertained during hair time, I hope you will come back to read and I hope it helps you.

  12. Kera Lee says:

    I can’t wait to try this product and style!

  13. Shon. M. says:

    I just want to tell you that I love your daughter’s hair. I can completely empathize with her. I on the other hand always wanted to wear my hair out, and was greatly disappointed when it would be huge by the end of the day. It takes a lot of patience and effort to learn your hair. I am presently re-learning my hair, now that I am growing out my relaxer. It is great that there are so many products out there now. I have yet to try any, because I still have quite a bit of permed ends. I want to try blended beauty products first (they were the first products I ever looked up, and they immediately grabbed my attention.) I have lots of friends who are thinking about going natural, so they will be glad to hear about these products as well.
    Great job with the little ones hair.

    • KandyLandKurls says:

      Hey Shon, Thanks so much! I totally agree it takes alot of time, trial&error, and patience, to learn how to manage curls. It’s not a easy journey, but once we found Blended Beauty, it has made hair time a breeze. I’m so mad I didnt try it earlier!
      I hope you have a Happy Hair Journey!

  14. LaShauna Gaines says:

    Love N’s curls..Her hair is always on point

  15. Tiffany P says:

    I love this blog, great informational posts and cute styles :)

  16. Felicia E says:

    Kandy! This little one is to adorable! Happy black history month!

  17. Char~ says:

    This is fantastic!!! I can’t wait to see all the lovely styles and hair tips you share with us!! :)


  18. Rosaura Z says:

    I too have a daughter that wasn’t too pleased with her hair. With Kandy’s great advice I have learned to are for Jai’s hair, and she loves it!

    • Hey Rosaura!! Our kids feel so much pressure to look a certain way, it’s sickening. We have to keep encouraging them and build their self esteem! Im so glad that my tips and blog has helped you, thats my one and only goal!

  19. Anise H. says:

    Going to try some BB products on my daughter :) recently learned how to braid myself, so I am loving several if the designs I have seen here.. Practice makes perfect!

    • You got it! Practice makes perfect!! I have a ton of “blooper styles” lol, but if at first you dont succeed, dust yourself off and try again! (totally stole that from Aaliyah LOL)

  20. Monica L. says:

    I love Kandy! She has amazing braiding skills and it doesnt hurt that shes such a sweet person.

  21. michelle says:

    My daughter has very curly hair and I’ve been stalking the BB products. I’m an admitted product junkie and haven’t worked up the nerve to try them but I will now. I’ve been on your blog as well and have admired your styles (I have no hair skills but I am learning)…good to know that you trust the BB products for you lil one. Her hair is gorgeous and you are doing a phenom job!

  22. Juliana Reigal says:

    Your daughter is adorable! I am pregnant and crossing my fingers for a curly hair baby… Nice tips. Very useful for me and (who knows) it will be also for my kid. I will keep checking for more of them :) )

  23. Tiffany Gunn says:

    I wish I knew how to braid like that. Her hair is so gorgeous. My daughter has Type 4 hair and its very thick so Im really working on her hair.

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