Introducing Gina! Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair

Gina Ayanna is a contemporary lifestyle and wedding photographer with Beautiful Images Photography.  For some time she has recommended Blended Beauty to her many curly clients! We have asked Gina to guest blog, and share her beautiful sessions with us.

Gina, what advice do you give clients about having their hair look its best for a portrait session?

As a lifestyle photographer I often get asked about hairstyles; specifically, “what should I do with my hair for the photo session?”  I always encourage my clients to embrace the hair they have and find the right products that will make their hair look its best.  Healthy hair is beautiful hair; it doesn’t matter if you rock your hair straight or curly. As long as it’s healthy it will look fantastic in front of the camera.

Here are a few of our portrait sessions that showcase a variety of styles and hair types, at the same time they all have beautiful healthy hair.

Beautiful Curls
Beautiful Curls
Beautiful Curls

Beautiful Curls

What if a client is having a hard time doing their hair themselves?
Some clients opt for us to style their hair by choosing the Glam photo session. This way we use our favourite products which include the Blended Beauty line to get shiny and beautiful results.

Beautiful Hair

Gina Ayanna

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