Enter the Spring Give-Away!

Blended Beauty Give-Away and Coupon

Blended Beauty Give-Away and Coupon

Spring is in the air! Let’s put some spring in those curls too! We want to give away some free products because we just love our customers so much.  And we love to hear what you have to say!  To enter the contest, comment on this post and tell us what hair concerns you have. Whether it be dryness, growth, styling or breakage. Let us know. You could win any 2 products of your choice. For a second entry, use the coupon code “curlcraze” at checkout and get 15% off 2 ore more items!  Enter until April 2nd.

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91 Responses to Enter the Spring Give-Away!

  1. Jerica says:

    My main concern is moisture. My daughter’s hair drinks everything I put in it. I have to moisturize sometimes twice a day. Before this year I didn’t know not to comb her hair dry so we have had issues with breakage. I keep her hair in protective styles mostly but would also like to maintain moisture when wearing it out.

  2. Bree says:

    My locs are nearing the 2-year mark in April. I want to keep them moisturized and supple without the worry of gunky buildup.

  3. Krystal says:

    My concern is sealing in moisture and holding styles. I love using a butter type of product and would love to try Blended Beauty’s Happy Nappy Styles! 2 years natural and I’m never going back!

  4. Erica says:

    well i really just love to moisturize moisturize and more moisturize, so dryness is my biggest thing and sometimes frizziness from the dryness.

  5. Nicole says:

    I am trying to go natural without braids. I am having a hard time with moisture and dryness. What am I doing wrong. I don’t want to give up this time. Any suggestions.

  6. Sherry Lykins says:

    Frizz is absolutely my biggest problem! lilsis_75@hotmail.com

  7. T'keyah Cherae' Turner says:

    Hi Lovely People !!
    My concern is DRYNESS & Growth !
    This is my second time going natural, but
    This time around it has been VERY hard to just
    Tame my hair lol #HELP riqht ?! Im currently
    6 months natural with only 2 inches of hair :/
    And I have 4c hair at that..
    But on the other hand I still LOVE and im PROUD
    Of MY Natural Beauty ( :
    GoodLuck Lovely Ppl

  8. Hanan says:

    Since I was young, I had the same problem with the upper layer of my hair. It’s always dry and it stands out .I tried a lot of things but of course nothing works.

  9. Tamika W says:

    I Need to find a Gentle, Mild, Natural Ingredients Hair Dye. It seems, when I dye my hair, it becomes very weak, dry and causes split ends. I have to seek out an all-natural hair color dye which is healthy for my hair.

  10. Jessica Kotei says:

    My hair breaks and sheds a lot. I have decided to go curly girl and i am super excited that Blended Beauty has CG approved products. Wearing natural hair gives me some sort of confidence i never had

  11. Shadams says:

    I would love a product that helps reduce frizz when braiding!

  12. Clarissa S says:

    I am 100% all natural and I live in a dry climate. I need to know what I can do to keep moisture in my hair. My hair constantly is drying out. What products are best for my hair, I have really kinky hair.

  13. Aisha says:

    My hair concerns are dryness and strengthening my fine hair. I am also concerned about frizz prevention, especially in the warmer months.

  14. Nina says:

    I’ve been on this natural hair journey for 2 years know and I love my hair. But my top (3) main hair concerns are dryness, styling, and breakage. I belive that I’m a bit challenged when it comes ot styling my hair. The only style I can execute are twist/twistouts. I so would love to venture out into the land of wash-n-gos, curly sets, Straightening, etc. My hair tends to feel rough/dry most of the time. Haven’t quite figured out how to retain the moisture to prevent it from breaking without applying heavy butters & oils. I would love to have a product that doesn’t leave my hair feeling producty and heavy. Thanks for listening!
    Hope I win!!! ; )

  15. harrisll73 says:

    I’ve been natural for over 3 years now, my biggest issue is shrinkage and finding the right product for a twist out that doesn’t cause my hair to shrink/frizz with the humidity.

  16. Debbie says:

    We just adopted a 2 year old child from Ethiopia. She has the corkscrew type of hair. It sure would be nice to win the prize and try the products on her hair. It has been fun and interesting trying to style her hair. I look forward to trying your products.

    Thanks Debbie

  17. Queen says:

    My 7 yo daughter and I both have natural hair. Her texture is very different than my own. She has very tightly curled hair. When it is washed it immediately mats at the scalp. It is usually a two day process to wash and style her hair. It is truly a dreaded event for all incolved. There is so much trouble with detangling. She screams, I get a headache. I try to avoid saturating her hair with moisturizers and conditioners b/c when it dries it’s weighed down. I want it clean and manageable. Please help!

  18. reeree81 says:

    I’ve been on this natural hair journey for 7 years, I’ve pressed and colored in that time. My hair had tight curls but have over time lost some of its curl due to damage. My hair also has always been very dry and hard to manage. I could never find the right products. Tomorrow im going to the big chop and start all over after 7 years. I’m going to use these products to hopefully have a better beginning to taking care of my hair.

  19. Tricia says:

    My concern is for my beautiful 2 year old daughter. She has extremly curly frizzy hair, very unattractive to even embrassing. We do use blended beauty and LOVE it, I’m concerned that the hot weather coming it may cause damage to prehaps preventing growth. Ya all know with curly hair it don’t look like you have much, so we can’t afford any breakage. The girl won’t keep bows in so I’m always correcting folks that “no she’s a young lady” LOL

  20. QueenEyeCee says:

    I’ve been natural for over 15 years, 12 of the years my hair was in locks; I cut them off because I had grown very weary of them and wanted to experience my loose kinky/curly/coils once again. Since cutting the locks off I’ve had problems with breakage & length retention; most of it was due to lack of knowledge and not knowing how to nurture & pamper my tresses.
    I’d love to incorporate your products in conjunction with my herbal hair regimen that I so very much love….

  21. Melanie Cope says:

    I am 100% natural. I have never had a perm! I currently wash my hair every two weeks and flat iron it. I use all natural products – Kera Care Naturals, Nexxus Naturals and Creme of Nature. My hair has become very manageable from over the years but I have been doing the same routine to it Wash & Flat Iron (but I do style it differently every time). But I have been DYING to find a GREAT product that would allow me to wear my hair in its natural state after being washed. I have done extensive research on all those kinky curly products I hear everyone talking about but I have not tried them because I have doubts. But with my research on Blended Beauty I truly think it would do wonders for hair and give me the results I’m looking for – and I’m willing to give it a try! So PLEASE choose me for the Spring Give-Away! :)

  22. sophia says:

    my hair gets so dry and my scalp is always dry no matter what I do.

  23. Ollie Moss says:

    My main hair concerns are dryness and styling. I love my afro, but I would love to rock a twist out or some other “funky” style. With the dryness, my hair is not retaining enough in my opinion.

    Thank you,

    Ollie Moss

  24. sally says:

    i would love to win, i need something to have my mane tamed down, the frizz gets out of control.

  25. Njeri says:

    My hair concern this spring is hair health. My hair is shedding like crazy when I detangle,and I have spit ends. I need to use more moisturizing products,and a conditioner with better slip……and also decrease the usage of heat on my hair.

  26. Tamara Depas says:

    I have tried to go natural 2 times already because my hair was breaking and was VERY dry! Before i got married i was advise by my hairdresser to put keratine and a week later put perm in my hair…i went on my honeymoon, and i came back my hair were very weak very, dry and they started falling. Now they are almost all gone all i have left new growth. i would want to give my hair a third chance to be natural and love my hair. that is when i hear about your product…i will be trying them very soon because i just order a few of them. i heard a lot of good things about these products. in the mean while is there any tips i could have in order to maintaint my hair healthier? My hair is very dry, very curly,and thick! thank you!!!

  27. Soed Depas says:

    I actually do not have any problems with your products! They are wonderful on my daugther’s hair! I would much rather love to win to offer the chance to my young sister who is trying to transition to natural. But I feel like she will give up if she doesnt find anything that works! I strongly believe that Blended Beauty is the solution!!! Her hair is very very dry and breaks all the time. She cant keep any moisture in no matter what she does… So I hope I will win so that I can introduce her to what I think is a wonderful product line!

  28. DianeScraps says:

    My biggest concern is styling for my teenager. And finding a capably stylist.

  29. C James says:

    I have a problem with frizz and breakage. I have 2 girls and their hair has changed over the years, especially as it pertains to adding to the frizz problem

  30. Chantelle says:

    My son is Biracial( African, native american, German). The issues I have with him is growth and second day frizzies. His hair grows longer on one side, the crown, and the back. Also, he still has a lot of baby baldness (he’s 3.5 years). This makes his curls loose in the balding areas, and VERY thick , dry and tight at front. When I do his hair it looks great for the first day, then ends up frizzy the next day.

  31. Tracy says:

    My daughter’s hair gets frizzy in the humid weather and it grows very slowly. She is always wishing for longer hair.

  32. krystel says:

    my biggest concern is my curly frizzy hair so now that the weather is changing i need something to take care of it

  33. Janice says:

    My problem is softness. I have tried everything under the sun. Hopefully BB will be the charm!!

  34. Tara says:

    Growth!!! After a certain length my hair refuses to grow no matter what i do.

  35. Crystal says:

    I am always battling frizz no matter what time of year it is. Right after frizz my other biggest problem is lack of moisture. My hair always feels dry and looks frizzy. The only way I can battle that is slapping on a lot of shea butter or products which usually leaves my hair greasy and guess what?!?!? It’s still frizzy. :(

  36. Linda Herrera says:

    I have a problem with dryness, dullness and frizz! I try to use a number of different products to no avail. I am a woman of a certain age and truly need help. Thanks for offering such a terrific giveaway! :)

  37. Robyn says:

    I am always fighting the dryness of my daughter’s hair. I want her hair to be healthy. Your products help so much with that! I would love to win some, we go through so much product. :)

  38. Simply Desi says:

    For this coming spring, my only hair concern is trying to nurse my hair back to health after a health scare to my body. Now that I’m okay, my hair is starting to feel the wrath and got hit hard. I’m also learning how to embrace my shrinkage and learning how to work with it as opposed to working against it. I already have some good length going on but as soon as water touches my mane, it shrinks up to an inch of hair. That’s partly the reason why I never wear a wng or a curly fro because it doesn’t look right with the amount of shrinkage I have. Maybe this spring, I can revisit those styles and learn how to work those styles around and with my shrinkage, not against. One day at a time I guess :)

  39. LaShana says:

    Dryness and breakage are my main concerns.

  40. Rasheida says:

    I would have to say my hair concerns are lack of moisture and frizz in my curls.

  41. Tiffany P says:

    My concerns are perfecting my wash n go and eliminating frizz.

  42. seamonster says:

    My main concern is hair length retention. My main styling concern is products that stretch my hair while adding shine and softness.

  43. Elish says:

    I’m experiencing all three, dryness, growth, styling and breakage. When it’s wet it fine but when it dries there’s no moisture or curl definition. I have pretty much given-up and given in and excepted my afro hair. I’m concerned about spending anymore money on products that don’t work. Mainly I would like to win your products to try for my daughter who’s 13. I’m trying to get her to love her hair but she is surrounded by “straight hair” of types. She is unhappy with her hair unless it is straight and when it’s not she hates the puffiness and frizz. i totally lost as to what to do. By the way she has beautiful coils around the bottom and looser/wavy hair on the top. Thanks

  44. R Wims says:

    My hair care concern is deep moisturization. I need my twist outs to be soft, defined and moisturized!

  45. Nia S. says:

    My hair concern is length retention. I would love to be able to keep my ends in good shape so I don’t have to cut off so much of my growth.

  46. Kathleen Mitchell Gentry says:

    main concern is that my hair is salt and pepper all white on the top with dark underneath course breaking ends dry lifeless it needs something big time bad

  47. Amanda says:

    My daughter is biracial. She is three years old and has corse hair, it is frizzy and gets knotted on the ends. I am in desperate need of a product that will work. Thank you!

  48. Lorre says:

    My biggest hair concern is moisture! If I could get my hair to retain moisture I wouldn’t have no problem!

  49. Tina says:

    Dryness! OMG. My child’s hair sucks up moisture. Literally ten minutes later, his hair is dry and frizzy again. He’s tired of me and the spray bottle!

  50. Alex says:

    My hair concern is how to tame all 3 curl textures of my hair. I have ringlets on the bottom, tight afro curls in 3 different sections and spirals everywhere else…I love my curls but I would also love to have consistent great hair days.

  51. Jess says:

    I have two beautiful little girls with different hair types. My first concern for my BC3 type is how do I keep her hair moist. It looks dull and dry by midday. My second concern for my BC4 type is how do I not weigh down her curls. When I style her hair out, the curls look as if she wore a cap. It would look great if they are more perky and springy :-)

  52. Susa Smith says:

    My concern has been shedding too much. I am an older natural and lately my hair has been shedding a lot more than usual. This is a bit scary. I realize hair sheds normall about 100 strands per day, but i am talking about twice that daily.

  53. Jillian Rueter says:

    My main concerns is that I want more hair in general, and I wish each strand was thicker! I also wish my hair would grow faster.

  54. Kim says:

    My daughters have mixed hair. My biggest concern is for the youngest who has my super fine hair and her dad’s curls (!!!) Her hair is very dry and knots/mats up every day. So my biggest concerns are dryness and tangles.

  55. Rose Reeder says:

    It seems as if I never get a good haircut and I try to style until the next hair cut.

  56. Stephanie says:

    I am having some serious issues with FRIZZ past winter and this spring. And also breakage. :’[

  57. Shan R. says:

    I am 16 months post big chop and my holy grail products are no longer working! My concern for this spring is learning how to maintain the moisture/protein balance and avoid frizz. I hope I can find new products to help me achieve this goal.

  58. Mary Newton says:

    My concern for my daughter is dryness and growth.

    P.S. We are Canadian, but I couldn’t find the rules so I hope we can still enter because this is an awesome giveaway!

  59. Cristina DeCrosta says:

    In the summer I need a lot of hold to combat the frizz, my hair is not so dry but it can be huge in the summer. Also products with a lot of protein in them make my hair limp :(

  60. vickie says:

    I have wavy hair that will get curlier with humidity – sometimes I have dry/frizzies. I also have very hard water that I am told will mess with your hair.

  61. Leni says:

    My concern is styling. I have to change it up and get more creative.

  62. kim says:

    this spring & summer i am concerned about my 16 month olds love for the pool/water and her very dry, course hair! regular water seems to dry it out so ican only imagine chlorine and salt water as we live in california!! but with the elp of blended beauty i think we will get over the dry summer hair!!!

  63. Christine says:

    My concern for my daughter’s hair is moisture and frizz.

  64. Kayla says:

    My daughter is biracial and I am concerned about her frizziness and healthy growth

  65. Veronica G. says:

    The major concern I have with my hair right now would be dryness. Recently I have been experiencing very dry ends. I would love to find a solution!

  66. Katie says:

    My concern is protecting my girls’ hair during the summer with lots of swimming!

  67. michelle says:

    My issues are concerning 2nd day hair and friz! I wish I could find a way to have my hair look good on the second day!

  68. Angeana says:

    My main concern is dryness. I have to moisturize almost everday if not ever other day. I would like a product where I dont have to constantly do this. My second concern is hair growth it seems because I cannot keep my hair consistently moisturized I ge split ends and have to trim more often.

  69. robin weiler says:

    my concerns are hair breakage and fallout do to menopause

  70. Tasha Terry says:

    My issue is dryness and growth my daughters hair just eats up moisture tried many different products

  71. Anne Hill says:

    I have a hard time with dryness and frizz. I have a little color in my hair and the weird thing is the color hair is not the hair that’s dry. I really need something for this dryness. I believe once that’s under controll the frizz will get better

  72. Tonya says:

    My concern for spring time is frizzy hair with heat in South Carolina, also what can I use to keep the moisture and style in with mixing some many products.

  73. Symone Shaw says:

    I have issues with shrinkage..I’m not sure what can be done other than stretching my hair with a little heat, pineappling or doing twist/braid-outs but I’d love to do wash and goes without having major shrinkage. My hair is past bra strap length when its straight but shrinks above my shoulders :(

  74. Margaret Skinner says:

    My concern for the springtime is dry and frizzy hair, here in AZ the weather is harsh!

  75. Margaret Skinner says:

    My concer for the soring is dry and frizzzy hair!

  76. Jyll Sloan says:

    My concerns are extremely dry hair and finding a product that allows the curl pattern that is revealed when wet does not look like a frizzy mess once it dries.

  77. Rhonda says:

    My hair frizzes too easy. Plus I’m afraid my one day my fine hair will lead to sparse hair.

  78. shauni reid says:

    I recently got a really short cut( due to the hairdresser being in a bad mood and made a mistake and had to fix it). My problem is my hair tends to frizz up and does not look sleek.

  79. Rose Bridgeforth says:

    My wash and go look nice on the first day, but when I try to refresh the next day some of my curl definition is lost. I would love to know what to do about that.

  80. Ada Roberts says:

    I’m White, and my daughters are Bi-racial. My biggest concerns are dryness (frizz) in the back, and styling. I’m considering taking a hair-cation and flying somewhere that I can get more educated in caring for “black” hair, as there is nothing local.

  81. Tanaja says:

    Frizz and dryness because it is SOOOO hot here!

  82. Melanie says:

    My hair is so thick, I hate it. I am now embracing my curls, but still can’t handle the thickness. I also need to manage the dryness. I need all the moisture in my hair I can have..and for it to STAY!

  83. Autumn H. says:

    My concern for spring is frizz, moisture and breakage.

  84. Sheila Bell says:

    My concern coming up in the warm weather is how to protect my daughter’s hair for swimming? She is African American with what is called 4b hair. What do I do to protect when she swims 3-4 times a week? Ugghh….frustrated. lol

    • KandyLandKurls says:

      Hi Sheila, before my daughter goes swimming, I wet her hair with regular water. This helps her hair to absorb some of that water, instead of chlorine. If she does not wear a cap, make sure to shampoo and condition after swimming. I hope this info helps.

  85. Tawanna parnell says:

    My concern for this spring is FRIZZ. I so want to be a wash and go girl, but the frizz just won’t let me. :(

  86. Sonya Sutton says:

    I would love to be able to TAME my mane! I have a great curl pattern in the very front and the very bottom of my head; but that “middle passage” (as I love to call it!) is a HOT mess! I have tried many, many products but nothing can seem to capture the curl. HELP!

    • Tanya Bobo says:

      I’m Tanya. I have been natural for almost 2 years.
      My concerns are with growth and breakage. I started using more protein tx.
      To strengthen my hair. And fill in missing or chopped cuticle layers.
      I need to balance more with protein and moisture based products. So I’m still learning about how to take proper care of my hair.

      Thx for listening

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