Michelle, 9 months after her Big Chop

Michelle 9 months after the big chop

Michelle 9 months after the big chop

During the month of October I focused on learning to master flat twisting my hair. I feel that as my hair has grown, two strand twisting has become time consuming and unnecessary for protective styling. Flat twisting also allows most of my ends to be protected during the week. As the weather here in California has become extremely hot, I add an extra layer of the Blended Beauty Natural Hair Oil to my head as a form of protectant from the sun’s heat. During this month I have also started finger detangling. This is not something I typically did due to time. However, if find that by detangling my hair with my fingers before washing it allows me to feel for the many knots that my hair is prone to getting. I feel more intimate with my hair by doing it this way however, due to the amount of time it requires, it won’t be a weekly habit. I typically detangle either with the Silk Shake or with the conditioner in my hair before washing. I am excited to see my hair at it’s one year mark and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by this time around on my hair journey.


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