Why Do Curls Rock Contest!

Curls Rock Contest

Curls Rock Contest

We know you all totally think curls rock! So tell us why and you could win 3 products of your choice! The winner will be chosen randomly on June 13th.  There’s 2 easy ways to enter. Comment on our FaceBook page or comment here on our Blog, telling us why curls rock. It’s so easy. Just love your curls and be proud!

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26 Responses to Why Do Curls Rock Contest!

  1. Audrey says:

    They rock because they are beautiful and versatile.

  2. Stacey says:

    my twin boys curls rock because there is so much I can do with them! and they look good every way

  3. lisa mcfarland says:

    curls rock because they so beautifully frame one’s face

  4. Shay says:

    Natural hair is beautiful and comes in all colors, different curl shapes and lengths. Curls rock because they are unique, special, radiant and you can do many things with curls. Curls rock and will forever rock because each individual makes them their own.

  5. Rachel Ramsey says:

    Curls rock because you can….

    Braid ‘em
    Twist ‘em
    Roll ‘em
    Lock ‘em
    Bantu knot ‘em
    Press ‘em
    Coil ‘em

    and they will always return! Who says natural hair is boring???

  6. carol donnermeyer says:

    curls make me stand out in a sea of straight and wavy. I never meet my hair anywhere.

  7. April says:

    Curls rock because they are timeless and transcendent. Curls rock because each strand is C=Creatively U=Unique R=Rounded L=Loops of all S=Sizes. Curls rock because they are like DNA; no two heads are alike.

  8. shane gordon says:

    My curls rock because they always knock my socks off, and I continue try to be versatile to try to find the best products that work for me. To be natural for five years is still a challenge in itself for me.

  9. Cassie says:

    Curls rock because somebody so much greater than I sat down one day to figure out how exactly each curl and kink and wave should be positioned on my head. Curls rock because it’s a symbol of a higher creative power that can and does design for the mere sake of having an abundance of beautiful things to enjoy on this earth. To me, curls rock because they so clearly say without words that I am uniquely, purposely and wonderfully made. I LOVE curls!

  10. Sheila Bell says:

    Curls rock because it is great being free…free from chemicals, free from stereotypes and free to do what I want with them!

  11. Tashaye says:

    So, why do curls rock?

    Curls rock because God created our hair as a blessing and a sign of his Glory. When we embrace our gift, that’s when we give the glory back to God. Our curls rock because no two are alike, even in the same family! Our curls gives us versatility, creativity, and uniqueness that most wish to have. Our curls gives us a new found confidence ant maturity in who we are and how we are. Our curls rock cause they teach us patience, makes us understand, spend time with them, to be sensitive to its well being, and how to show others. our curls are our conversation starters, they help us make new friends.

    Your curls rock because their YOURS to ROCK!

  12. Ada Reed says:

    Curls rock because they are natural, feel soft, and beautiful. No 2 heads are the same, even amongst my children.

  13. Ay Williams says:

    Curls rock because they do… I love my hair in all it’s kinkyness. When I’m rocking a twistout or a well put together up-do, I feel so beautiful. You can’t tell me nothing. I love when I hear people say “I love her hair” as if I can’t hear them…that’s when I know curls rock. I love seeing sisters wearing their hair natural and feeling as if they own it. Own what??? Who cares, but this is why to me CURLS ROCK, just because they do.

  14. krysterl warden says:

    the reason why curls are great because you can bounce them back and forth there part of being you. you can do anything with it you can wear it straight for one day then curly the next day that you can style curly hair in diffrent ways that you cant do with straight hair thats why curls rock

  15. Morgan says:

    Curls Rock because they are Crazy Sexy, and Cool!!

  16. Brooke says:

    Curls rock because they’re an extension of your personality. Natural curls show how confident you are with your own natural beauty. Not just anyone can have gorgeous curls, but everyone can have straight hair. So be you & be unique, love your natural curls.

    Brooke B.

  17. Litchelle says:


  18. Litchelle says:

    For centuries people of colour have been criticized for their “kinks”. Told, “we don’t have good hair”, so thought “Perm/texturize/jerry curls was the way to go”…”HOW MANY OF US HAVE THAT STORY TO SHARE?”

    I LOVE when I see people embrace their natural CURLS, because they are versatile, unique in style and beautiful. They make a statement, whether it’s big curls and waves, corkscrew tight curls, afro curls, cupid and spirial curls, they give character to your name, beautiful body and add that BOUNCE in your stride.

    CURLS ROCK, because it is a symbol for our people, a statement that says: “We are BEAUTIFUL & have GREAT HAIR!” Our curls rock: because of products like BLENDEDBEAUTY.COM

  19. Earnest says:

    Curls rock because even though I locked mine I know they can come back at anytime. Curls rock because even when I forget how my curls looked I can look at my children and see the perfect blend of my my hair and their mommy’s.

  20. Jerica says:

    Curls rock because you can rock them any way you want and they are resilient. The same head of hair can be down to your shoulders and curl up to a mini fro. You can pull them and they pop back. Curls are rock!

  21. Autumn hayes says:

    My curls rock because they are versatile. I can go from straight to curly, or updos to twist outs just so much I can do with curls. I LOVE IT!!!

  22. Glenda IVEY says:


  23. Jaclyn says:

    Curls rock because they are so versatile and will allow for any type of style you want. Amazing!!!

  24. Dasia says:

    Curls. Whether they’re loose, deep, tight, or kinky, God blessed us with them– so curls rock!

  25. Anne Parker says:

    Omgoodness. Curls rock because after a year of being natural, I realized that there truely are no to girls with the same curls. Ive seen girls with the same texture as me 3b 3c and our hair looks totally opposite. Its amazing. Then, there is so much to do with it. You can style it how you please rather straight or curly braided or twist puff or bun and the curls will be there. I just love my curls and all the learning they taught me and the beauty they have shown. I appreciate every curl individually.

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