Michelle, 4 Months After Her Big Chop

Michelle 4 months After Big Chop

Michelle 4 months After Big Chop

During the month of April, I wore my hair in a protective style, crochet braids. I was very busy with work and didn’t want to spend time on my hair. I wore the crochet braids for about 2 ½ weeks and they were very pretty. While wearing the crochet braids, I filled a spray bottle with water and Silkshake and sprayed my hair daily. This kept my hair moisturized.

Michelle Crochet Braids

Michelle Crochet Braids

After taking down my braids, I noticed that I’d accidently cut out a small section in the front of my hair. Although devastated I received a lot of positive support from the YouTube community and I did not worry too much about it afterward. Overall, my hair is doing well, and growing at a consistent pace. I am beginning to take the time to really enjoy each stage of my hair growth!!

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  1. Vashti Patrick says:

    Great job Michelle. I’ve been following your journey on YouTube and your hair is growing nicely :)

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