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Curly Hair Tips

Tips for the natural health of all curly hair types including waves, curls and kinks!

These Curly Hair Tips are for adults and children with multiracial, afro, textured waves and all curly textured hair.  If you need an entire agenda keep reading below the tips! Click here for relaxed hair tips.

Curly Hair Question: How can I minimize the poof in my curly hair?
Curly Hair Tip: To minimize poof in your curly hair, you have to:

  • Do the majority of combing before rinsing out the conditioner! Too much combing during styling equals poof!
  • Do not blow dry curly hair to dry it, unless you are straightening it, or difussing the roots.
  • Apply your leave-in cream while the hair is wet in small sections.
  • Put it in a loose bun and take 2 inch sections, applying the cream liberally to each section.
  • Comb through a section only if it gets tangled. Otherwise use your fingers.
  • Squeeze the hair together in smoothing motions downward with your fingers. Make sure all the strands are stuck together. Then move onto the next section.
  • If the hair, in the bun, starts to dry, re-wet it.
  • On frizzy areas, finger twist after doing the smoothing. Most of this can be done right in the shower, then put on a shower cap, and do the finger twists out of the shower.
Curly Hair Question: I want to wear my curly hair down, but it starts to poof as it dries, what do I do?
Curly Hair Tip: Using the right Blended Beauty Curly Hair Care Product should minimize this problem. Make sure you are using the leave-in product specified by the hair chart. If your curly hair tends to poof when it is down, let it get 3/4s dry in twists or braids. Then smooth out the hair with your fingers.

Another option is to allow the hair to set in a hair net, after applying the leave-in cream. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, to allow the curls to form together. Squeeze out excess water before applying the leave-in cream.

If you have extra time to perfect your hair when leaving it all out and curly, instead of using a plastic cap, dap your hair with a towel after the cream is all applied. Then while you bend forward, put on a large hair net and stuff all your hair into it. Allow the water to evaporate from the hair net for 1-2 hours and when you take off the hair net your curls will be perfectly formed and bouncy and not looking pulled by gravity. You'll have body, fullness and beautiful curls with no poof.

Curly Hair Question: I have afro curls, which Blended Beauty products should I use to achieve a more curly look?
Curly Hair Tip: Remember that the kinkier your hair, the tighter or smaller your curls are naturally. Since your curls are much smaller, it will take a little more time to achieve the curl you want. The bright side is, over time you will have "trained" your curly hair and it will be more willing to curl up with A LOT less work.
  1. After washing and conditioning your hair squeeze excess water out of the hair with your hands. Do not let your curly hair fully dry until all the products have been applied.
  2. Spray the SilkShake or Curly Cake Shake all over the hair to make it extra slippery and to hold moisture in.
  3. Taking a 2 inch section, GENEROUSLY apply Happy Nappy Styles to that section of hair, and then twirl your hair with your fingers until you get a curl. The "whiteness" will clear once it dries.
  4. Use Kick for Curls to give your textured curls a little more hold and definition.  
  5. At night cover the hair with our Sleep caps.
Curly Hair Question: I would like to do a hot oil treatment. How do I do this with Blended Beauty Curly Hair Products?
Curly Hair Tip: The hot oil treatment is a great way to combat hair dryness. It can be applied after shampooing when the hair is wet or it can be applied to dry hair before shampooing. You can warm up the oil in hot water first or you can apply Natural Hair Oil to the hair and place a plastic cap over the hair and sit under a hair dryer or a heating cap for about 10-15 minutes. This will allow the oil to penetrate the hair more deeply. Remove the cap and rinse. Next apply Quenching Conditioner and rinse out after several minutes and style as desired.  Regular use of Natural Hair Oil minimizes dryness and adds moisture and sheen to your hair-NATURALLY!

Curly Hair Question: My curly hair poofs at the bottom, how can I minimize this reaction?
Curly Hair Tip: If your curly hair poofs at the bottom and lays flat on the scalp, use less cream close to the scalp. You can even comb the hair up side down to gain fullness at the scalp (while in the shower with conditioner). When applying the product smooth it in while gently pulling the hair up and away from your scalp. You can also use a diffuser at the scalp. Try applying more product to the ends.

Curly Hair Question: Is the type of water I use on my curly hair important?
Curly Hair Tip: Yes, the type of water used on the hair is important. When caring for the hair, you should always think on a molecular level. Hard water contains rough particles like calcium and lime. These are like molecular stones or pebbles. Combing ability is reduced and more br/eakage occurs when the comb has to fight through these 'pebbles'. Also the feel of the hair is rougher. Even when styling the hair, the residue remains on the hair and you will not achieve the desired effect of your hair products. If the 'pebbles' are removed with a water softener, you will see better results. With Blended Beauty Curly Hair Products a softener will cause a synergistic effect.

Curly Hair Question: Is hair grease good for my scalp?
Curly Hair Tip: No. Thick solid grease, like petroleum, clogs hair follicles preventing normal hair growth.

Curly Hair Question: Which products can I use to replace my current hair grease?
Curly Hair Tip: Straight Pearl, Blended Cutie Soft Curls & Swirls or Blended Cutie Butter Me Up would be the best products for this.

Curly Hair Question: Are relaxers damaging to my hair?
Curly Hair Tip: Straight perms can damage the hair, but with daily moisturizing and weekly reconditioning of the hair and hair ends breakage can be greatly decreased. Relaxers should be applied by a professional with a regular routine to avoid breakage. New growth that gets too long can cause the relaxed hair to break off. The point at which they meet is very fragile, and having the new growth causes more tugging when combing, so more breakage.

Curly Hair Question: Why are products that contain solvent alcohol damaging for my curly hair?
Curly Hair Tip: Using products that contain solvent alcohols are very drying. This is the kind of alcohol that smells strongly with that familiar solvent scent.

Note: This does not include cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, or stearyl alcohol. These are not alcohols as you know it they are creamy emollients.

Curly Hair Question: What is the benefit to using natural oils in my curly hair?
Curly Hair Tip: Natural oils are much better for the hair, as they contain nutrients that synthetic oils don't. For example, Mineral oil is a crude oil like the kind you use in your car. It's not from a plant and so doesn't contain organic nutrients.

Note: Hot oil treatments are wonderful for the hair and manageability.

Curly Hair Question: Can I comb my curly hair after it's dry?
Curly Hair Tip: Not usually. Only comb naturally curly, biracial and afro curly hair when it is wet with conditioner or product in it to avoid breakage, unless you are blow-drying it straight. You can comb through silky curls if there is no tugging involved. Or a moisturized afro if you do not wish to have definition.

Curly Hair Question: I'm in a bit of a rush, how can I revive my curls in minimal time?
Curly Hair Tip: if you don't have time to condition the hair or to comb it just spray in a reviver and smooth it out with your fingers. Blended beauty curl revivers include ;Blended Beauty Kick for Curls, Blended Cutie Satin Style Detangler, Blended Beauty SilkShake, and Blended Beauty Curly Cake Shake. Don't comb, pull and tug the hair if you are rushing. No combing is better for the hair and will look better too. Reviving the product currently in the hair, with water or a sprits, will bring back some definition without combing.

Curly Hair Question: Can I shampoo and conditioner my curly hair everyday with Blended Beauty products?
Curly Hair Tip: For optimal growth, and health of the scalp and hair, shampooing twice a week minimum is best. Blended Beauty shampoo is both conditioning and gentle enough to use daily if desired. Wetting or conditioning on any day and as often as desired, is just fine. The cleansing conditioner can be used in place of shampoo and used as often as every day as well.

Q. How often should I moisturize my curly hair?
Curly Hair Tip: Always use a leave-in conditioner or cream that suits your hair. Find one for your hair on the hair chart. Moisturize lightly when not washing and liberally after every wash.

Curly Hair Question: How often should I blow dry my curly hair?
Curly Hair Tip: Keep the use of a blow dryer down to about once a week. Don't blow dry the hair unless you are trying to straighten it or you are using a diffuser at the roots.

Curly Hair Question: Should I use a brush or a comb for daily maintenance of my curly hair?
Curly Hair Tip: Wide tooth combs or a pick should be used instead of a brush, to get out tangles. A brush can be used on straightened hair after the tangles are out. For daily maintenance of curly hair that is only being revived and not combed through with conditioner, just use your fingers.

Curly Hair Question: How should I comb my hair?
Curly Hair Tip: Start combing from the ends down and work your way up, closer and closer to the roots, combing down. Never start combing from the roots down if the hair has knots. Comb the hair in sections to avoid breakage even when conditioner is in the hair.

Curly Hair Question: What should I do to maintain my curly hair on a weekly basis?
Curly Hair Tip: Weekly Spa Treatment Routine For Curly Hair:

1. Start off with the Soy Cream Shampoo to remove old hair product debris, dirt and oil.

2. Massage it in for approximately 3 minutes. You may need to rinse and do this twice.

3. If you choose to not use shampoo and you prefer the Cleansing Conditioner, Follow the same instructions for it.

4. Rinse out your cleanser.

5. *Optional* Apply the Herbal Reconditioning Treatment, and place a plastic cap over the hair. Allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes. This product works to strengthen the hair with regular use.

6. Rinse out the Herbal Reconditioning Treatment and apply the Curl Quenching Conditioner. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes, then comb through it in sections.
Depending on your hair type choose your choice of leave-in conditioning cream based on the Hair Types Product Chart.

7.Apply the leave-ins (on damp not dripping hair, in sections to ensure you get every strand for best results. You may want to comb through the section once after applying the leave-in, then smooth each section with your fingers to clump the strands together again.

8. If you are wearing your curly hair all out, when you are done applying it, for extra frizz control and definition, put a plastic cap on for 10 minutes to allow your curls to form locs and stay together better.

Note: For kids with thick curls, a great thing to do is make about 12 twists with the hair and let it dry, then open the twists and smooth out the hair with your fingers. They can dry overnight as well.

9.Take off the cap and use a towel to gently dab out extra water if your hair. You can now style or use a diffuser to lift up the roots if you need to. You might want to let it dry a little before using the diffuser. But you will probably be just fine letting it air dry.
a.At night cover the hair so in the morning you can use the Kick for CurlsSatin Styles Detangler, Blended Beauty SilkShake, or Blended Beauty Curly Cake Shake. to bring the curl back to life. At night use a Blended Beauty Night Cap.

Curly Hair Question: What should I do to maintain my curly hair on a weekly basis?
Curly Hair Tip: Daily Routine for Curly Hair:

1.Cleansing can be done daily with the Curl Cleansing Conditioner, if desired.

2.The Soy Cream Shampoo is gentle enough to use as often as you like. A healthy scalp routine would be to use the shampoo twice a week, if you don't use the Curl Cleansing Conditioner.

3. Use the Curl Cleansing Conditioner after shampooing or in between washes to comb through the curly hair.

4.The hair can be conditioned as often as you like.

5.If you like to comb through your curls everyday then condition everyday to do so. Both the Quenching Conditioner and Curl Cleansing Conditioner are excellent detanglers.

6.If your scalp or hair needs cleansing, decide whether to use the Soy Cream Shampoo/Silky Swirls Shampoo (for a sudsy clean) or the Curl Cleansing Conditioner (for a creamy clean).